Bangalore has plenty of weekend vacations and picnic spots to refresh yourself. A short trip through this tech city will give you the breaks you need to relax. Bangalore Famous for its parks and museums, it is a brilliant IT center that never gets tired. This city was a dream destination for many of us. That’s why Bangalore has a lot of tours and itineraries, but it also accommodates many people Picnic tourist destinations Just a place to sit and leave The atmosphere of technology that the town offers. Therefore, here we participate in the best top 10 spots in a calm atmosphere, located in both Bangalore and its surroundings, where you can witness the rugged and eccentric side of this wonderful metropolis. !!

1. Chikkabarapura

A number of adventurous vehicles Surrounded by the five valleys of Chikkabarapura, the closest to the town, many adventures including trekking. The stunning scenery is fascinating and fascinating, and a picnic in the calm air of this place will surely make you visit it many times. Rock climbing is also available at Chikkabarapura, and there are several shrines and temples everywhere where you can find an aura of tranquility and bliss.

2. Shivagange – Enter your dreamy charisma

Approximately 60km from Shivagange Bangalore, a charismatic dreamland with spectacular scenery that fascinates you. There are many sporty efforts that promise a thrilling vacation, and the hills are very amazing. The name of the Shiva Ganges River is actually derived from two places in this place, one is Shiva Temple and the second is a natural hot spring called “Ganga”. This small town is also a favorite attraction for exploring the area around Bangalore and a must-see picnic spot to enjoy.

3. Savanadurga – an incredible blend of divinity and thrill

Savanadurga, Asia’s largest monolithic hill made of just one stone, is the next best option for a short trip surrounded by hills around Bangalore. The crowded atmosphere withers in a beautiful and peaceful environment, and you can enjoy a calm atmosphere here. There are many temples to visit to meet this sacred aura of Hillock. If you feel like inspiring our nerves, rock climbing and hiking are the best adventures to rivet yourself here in Savanadurga.

4. Nandi Hills – Ecstatic Heavenly Efforts

Nandi Hills is the best euphoric destination that fascinates you, its magical landscape. It is particularly well-known for trekking ventures and is named after the large idol of Nandi (a Hindu-respected bull) at the entrance to the famous Yoga Nandi Shwara Temple. Wake up early in the dawn and experience the most fascinating sunrise in Nandi Hills. In addition, there are many other ecstatic attractions around this place where you can travel long hours and witness an escape in nature!

5. Horsley Hills – Primitive Jewels of Charm

Located 153 km from Bangalore, Horseley Hills is an untouched attraction that many travelers have explored. That’s why you can choose this place. Here you can feel the pain away from the rippling hills and spend a fulfilling time with your family and loved ones. A peaceful option for couples, you can also visit with children who are fascinated by the tranquility and charm of Horseley Hills. For those who love being in the hypnotic landscape of lush mountains and valleys, it’s a heavenly break.

6. Cabini – Witness the wilderness

Recognized in the Cabini Wildlife Sanctuary, located here, the cool breeze of the rich wilderness and the chirping of birds offer the best picnic choices. After exploring the impressive Cabini Dam, you can sit on an elephant and discover rare animals for safaris and expeditions to end your tour by boat. Cabini will never disappoint you with a picnic site and you will actually be amazed at the flora and fauna.

7. Shivanasamudram – Fascinating waterfall

Bangalore is a laid-back town located 180 kilometers from Shivana Samdrum, a land full of refreshing waterfalls. It can take about three and a half hours to get here. The waterfall removes all your tiredness and fascinates you to extend your vacation even further. Hiking ventures are catered here and you can even go fishing. The whole atmosphere is amazingly fascinating to relax and relax your workaholics!

8. Hassan – Unravel this mysterious escape

Old temples, historic buildings, fascinating buildings, all of which make up the mysterious city Hassan This is about 187 km away. If you like exploring the place, this destination is an ideal place to stop by and uncover the old Hassan shrines and historic buildings. The name of the city is actually named after the central goddess Hasanamba worshiped here. The place is full of enchanting scenery, many shrines and magnificent buildings.

9. Bheemeshwari – Blessed Mystery

Beemeshwari Apparently the escape to the largest number of adventures available within this beautiful attraction. With popular fishing camps, camps and hikes, nature lovers will want to discover this place in addition to the exotic charm of this paradise. A 2-hour drive from Bangalore, you can go to a relaxing resort option or go to the hotel and explore the hill alone. Both methods guarantee a mysterious escape.

10. Hognakkar Waterfall – Refresh with this enchanting getaway

The picturesque waterfalls are the best of the place and boats and coracle rides should be tried Hogenekal falls. It actually heals all tech you comfort yourself with the modernization we have come to and the natural waterfalls that are the ideal place to choose a picnic. The hills complement the refreshing character of Hognakkar and make it an exciting outing for travelers.