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Bora Bora, in the heart of the South Pacific, is a treasure trove of French Polynesia. A 50-minute flight from Tahiti, it is surrounded by the most beautiful lagoons in the world.


The honeymoon with the scent of Tahitian Gardenia, a favorite place for lovers around the world, is extremely popular with young couples. For everyone, Bora Bora represents the ultimate in romanticism. The hotel is a very chic water bungalow that adds to the mood. With direct access to the sea from the villa, the terrace offers stunning sunset views over an unobstructed area.

A shade of blue that is said to have 50 types

Once a volcano that emerged from the ocean 13 million years ago, Bora Bora is today on a lagoon where the almost supernatural shades of blue fade away. Mount Otemanu, Mount Paia, and Mount Ue sit on this wonderful palette with a green silhouette. Among the coral reefs, Bora Bora and the surrounding motu (islets) develop white sandy beaches of various sizes. The most famous beach? It is Matira Beach, which was rated as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world by American television station CNN in 2013.



Great aquarium

In the azure waters of Bora Bora, fish of various colors swim around and sneak into the coral garden, where the magnificent and elegant manta ray emerges. As they move their fins, they approach those who enjoy snorkeling and grab their side. Most sports enthusiasts get acquainted with scuba diving, but Bora Bora also enjoys snorkeling. You can also safely and reliably meet turtles, rays, and even sharks at Lagoonarium!


Garden of Eden

Blue dominates Bora Bora, but when you step inside the island, you can feel the green strongly. Ideal: Walking, biking, scooter sightseeing. The distance is short and flat unless you want to climb the lush hillside of Mt. Otemanu (727 meters), which reigns in the center. The scenery when the hibiscus flowers are blooming all over the valley is fascinating. You don’t have to worry about dangerous animals and bugs spoiling your walk. Humans and nature coexist here in the form of peace and harmony.


Rich water activities

Bora Bora is an island. So you have to go around! A motu picnic is the best way to explore the lagoon. You can call at another motu, or depending on your taste, enjoy a variety of activities every day, such as jet skis, paddles, outrigger canoes, yachts, catamarans, and glass-bottomed submarines! Offshore fishing and deep diving are possible once you cross the coral reef.