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There are remote islands of various sizes in Thailand, but this time we will introduce 7 recommended beach resorts and remote islands that can be reached from Bangkok! There are also very close remote islands that you can come and go on a day trip!

We will explain the features of each beach resort and remote islands and recommended ways to spend them, so please refer to them.

Forget the crowds of the city and spend some time relaxing in the ocean!

7 remote islands that can be reached from Bangkok! You can also make a day trip!

Speaking of Bangkok’s specialty, it is a traffic jam. There are many cars, motorcycles, and people, and many people will feel that Bangkok is a city when they see the messy city.

However, in fact, if you go a little further from Bangkok, there are many remote islands full of resort feeling!

From simple remote islands full of nature to remote islands lined with luxury hotels, each has its own characteristics. You will surely find your favorite beach resort!

Remote island from Bangkok 1: Koh Lan

2 Hours drive from Bangkok. Excellent access as it can be reached in 45 minutes by ferry from Pattaya and 15 minutes by speedboat!

There are no large facilities such as shopping malls, but there are plenty of marine sports to enjoy in the beautiful sea. Banana boat for jet skiing, parasailing, and diving you can experience all the popular activities.

Marine sports in the beautiful sea are the best! You will feel better! It’s also popular to explore the island on a rental bike.

What are the recommended beaches on Koh Lan?

There are a total of 7 beaches on Lan Island. The types of beaches are as follows. Visit several beaches and find your favorite beach!

  1. Tawaen Beach
  2. Sang Wan Beach
  3. Samae Beach
  4. Nuan Beach
  5. Tien Beach
  6. Tonglang Beach
  7. Tayai Beach

Tawen Beach is the most comfortable beach with everything, but recently it has become too famous and crowded. For those who want to relax on the beach, Sangwan Beach and Samae Beach are recommended!

Remote island from Bangkok 2: Koh Samet

“Koh Samet” is a little-known beach near Bangkok. The white beach, which is famous for its clear sea and singing sand, is attractive!

Resort development is progressing, and there is nothing to complain about, such as luxury bungalows, hotels, nightspots, and beach restaurants!

From Bangkok, it is common to take a highway bus to the port of Bambe in Rayong Province. It will arrive in about 3 hours and 30 minutes! It takes about 30 minutes by boat from the port, so it takes about 4 hours from BangkokIf you leave early in the morning, you can enjoy it even on a day trip.

Pay attention to the statue of a big woman welcoming the ship!

large statue of a woman, a symbol of Koh Samet, welcomes you at the harbor! The woman mentioned in the story set on Koh Samet, but since it is a very impactful statue, please take a photo to commemorate it.

This is the recommended beach and activity on Koh Samet!

“Sai Kaew Beach” is the primary seashore on Koh Samet. This beach is also famous for its singing sand. There are plenty of food stalls and activities, perfect for those who want to spend a relaxing day!

For activities, we recommend snorkeling and island hopping from Koh Samet to the surrounding uninhabited islands! Spend your own special time on an uninhabited island with untouched nature, like a movie stage.

An island fee is required for Koh Samet?

An entry fee of 20 THB is required to visit Koh Samet. In addition, a separate national park admission fee is required for each beach. You only have to pay once, so be sure to keep your ticket until you return.

Remote island from Bangkok 3: Lipe Island

“Ready Island ” at the southernmost tip of Thailand. It’s a small island, so it takes about 2 hours to go around the island!

Although it is said to be an unexplored region of Thailand, there are quite a lot of facilities such as clinics, shopping streets, restaurants, etc. Prices are low, and classic Thai food is also popular! Especially, the freshness of the seafood is good, and the taste of seafood is with origami.

The bottleneck is that it is a little inconvenient to move, but it is still a remote island with many fans.

From Bangkok, fly to Hat Yai and then board a speedboat to Koh Lipe to Pakubara Port. From Pakubara Port, change to the ferry to Koh Lipe.

Each airline such as LCC also sells a ticket called “Island Transfer Ticket” which is a set of an airplane and a ferry. Please use it when you visit Lipe Island!

The main beach on Lipe Island is Pattaya Beach!

The busiest beach with cafes is ” Pattaya Beach ” ” is. Beach users get the impression that there are many tourists from Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. It’s shallow and you can see the coral reefs if you swim a little offshore.

Enjoy shopping on the main street!

There is only one main street on Lipe Island! So, speaking of easy-to-understand, it is easy to understand. Not only souvenir shops and restaurants but also hospitals, convenience stores, and ATMs are located here.

If you come to this main street at night, everyone will enjoy drinking, so it is recommended to mix with tourists from overseas and locals to enjoy the night on a remote island!

Remote island from Bangkok 4: Koh Chang

“Koh Chang” is rich in nature and 70% of the island’s area is covered with tropical rainforest. It is the second-largest resort in Thailand, and the west side of the island is a resort area. It has a reputation for being beautiful in the sea, and is especially popular with Westerners!

Koh Chang floats in the sea near the border with Cambodia, still ahead of Pattaya. From Bangkok, fly to Trat Airport and drive from the airport to the dock. The fastest way to get to the island by boat is the standard access method. It’s a good idea to see the time required for 3 hours.

You can also charter a car from Bangkok to the dock, but in this case, it will take 5 hours.

Koh Chang Main Beach! White sand beach

The main beach on Koh Chang is ” White Sand Beach “. As the name suggests, this beach, which stretches for about 2.5 km, has beautiful white sand.

Easy access, 15 minutes walk from the port! There is also a downtown area nearby so you don’t have to worry about shops.

Klong Prao Beach lined with luxury resort hotels

” Klong Prao Beach ” is a precious place where the canal and the sea meet “. Luxury resort hotels are lined up in the surrounding area.

The brackish water area, where the canal and the sea meet, is home to abundant seafood and is dotted with many seafood restaurants that are reputed to be delicious. Among them, ” Iyara Seafood ” is very popular with locals ♪ Please try it!

Observe fireflies in the mangrove!

On Koh Chang, you can also enjoy watching fireflies in the mangrove forest for one month from May to June. It’s a way to enjoy the night, which is unique to an island rich in nature. Please spend a relaxing time that you can not experience in the city of Bangkok.

Remote island 5 from Bangkok: Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is famous for the “Full Moon Party” held once a month on a full moon night. From Bangkok, fly to Koh Samui, then 20 minutes by ferry. It is a spot you want to enjoy together with Koh Samui.

Thousands of people rush to Koh Phangan before and after the party, so the island is very crowded! For those who want to spend a relaxing time, it is recommended to stagger the party time.

You can enjoy marine sports such as diving and Muay Thai training, so even those who want to be active can fully enjoy it!

Let’s release daily stress at Koh Phangan’s famous full moon party ♪

Koh Phangan, where a popular and large-scale event called “the world’s three major outdoor dance events ” is held every month. A party event where you can drink, dance, sing, make noise, go through the ring of fire, experience limbo dance, and enjoy all night with a bucket cocktail. you can long!

There is nothing wrong with it! This party shows a lot of excitement! If you want to relieve your daily stress, why don’t you join us?

Let’s go around the island with a rental motorcycle!

Koh Phangan is a very small island, so you can easily go around with a rental motorcycle. It’s up to you to enjoy beach tours and marine sports! On the shallow beach, you can also take a fantastic view of the sky like the Uyuni salt lake at low tide.

Remote island from Bangkok 6: Koh Samui

” Koh Samui ” is a resort development alongside Phuket. It is an island where you can experience the resort you dreamed of!

It’s about an hour by plane from Bangkok and it’s easy to move. There are many planes, and it is a nice point to go anytime.

Since the ordinance stipulates “environmentally friendly development,” a stay in harmony with nature is realized. Relax and spend a fulfilling hotel life at the spa or infinite pool, or spend some time visiting temples on the island and enjoying marine activities!

Recommended for visiting Koh Samui temples!

“Wat Big Buddha”, “Wat Plai Laem”, “Wat Khunaram” There are many unique temples on Koh Samui, such as!

The Big Buddha Temple and Wat Prai Laem are popular for their unique and large Buddha statues. Wat Cranham, also known as the ” Mummy Temple, ” is characterized by the enshrining of real mummified monks.

Enjoy the great outdoors of Koh Samui! Hinter Hin Yai & Namuang Waterfall

On Koh Samui, a rocky spot called “Hinter Hin Yai” is very popular! The translation of Hinter Hinyai is “Grandpa Rock, Grandma Rock”. Where is it at a glance? You may think, yet on the off chance that you look carefully …

The secret hidden in the rocks of Ouke by foreigners is fun after seeing it! If you are interested, please check the truth on site.

“Namuang Waterfall” is the largest waterfall on Koh Samui. It is also a popular point that you can drive to the immediate vicinity of the waterfall basin!

You can also experience riding an elephant nearby, and the experience of riding an elephant and walking near the waterfall is especially popular. Enjoy a precious time that can only be experienced on Koh Samui!

Remote island 7 from Bangkok: Ko Sichang

It is not listed in the famous “Walking the Earth”! This ” Ko Sichang ” is the real unexplored region known to those in the know. A long time ago, it was also used as a classic summer resort for King Rama V.

A remote island very close to Bangkok’s only accommodation is a rustic bungalow! You can’t expect a high-class resort life, but you don’t have to do anything! I just want to enjoy the blue sea! If you are, you will surely be satisfied.

From Bangkok, take the bus terminal at BTS Ekkamai Station to the ferry port across Ko Sichang. (Time required: 1 hour) It takes about 20 minutes by ferry from the port to reach Ko Sichang.

The attraction of Ko Sichang is that prices are cheap!

There is only one beach on Ko Sichang, but the prices are cheap! Even a banana boat, one of the popular marine sports, can be enjoyed for 500 THB (about 1700 yen) at a time! What’s amazing is that this is not the price of one person! No matter how many people ride, it’s 500 THB!

In addition, beach umbrellas can be rented for free! You can buy street beer at the same price as a convenience store. If you want to enjoy the beach at a great price, Ko Sichang is the best choice.

Don’t miss it! There are many scenic spots on Ko Sichang!

Untouched nature still remains because of the simple island of Ko Sichang, where resort development has not progressed. The view of the island is superb no matter where you cut it! Climb a little hill on a rental bike and you’ll have an incredible view in front of you.

The people of the island that are not tourist destinations are very peaceful! The atmosphere is outstanding and it is also recommended for those who want to be healed naturally.

How to enjoy the remote islands of Bangkok. The best 3 places!

How do you spend your time on the remote islands you care about? Introducing recommended ways of spending that are especially popular in a ranking format.

For those who want to reset their daily fatigue, we also recommend beauty treatments and massages at the spa.

1st place: Snorkeling

Among the many marine sports, ” snorkeling ” that anyone can easily enjoy is the most popular! Snorkeling in the highly transparent sea is a word of “best”! Please enjoy the “natural aquarium” woven by colorful fish unique to the southern country.

Rental goods can also be rented locally at low prices, so you only need to bring your swimsuit and towels!

Can you enjoy remote islands even in the rainy season in Thailand?

In Thailand, the blustery season is from June to October. Since it overlaps with Japan’s summer vacation, many people may want to visit remote islands from Bangkok during this time. However, it would be a shame if it rains on the beach.

However, the rainy season in Thailand is quite different from the rainy season in Japan. In Thailand, heavy rain called ” squall” rains for a short time, then stops suddenly and appears even on sunny days. This means that you can enjoy dining and shopping during the squall and enjoy the beach again!

Even if you can only travel during the rainy season in Thailand, you can enjoy it by devising a way to enjoy it! If you really want to visit during the dry season, we recommend November to February.

2nd place: Relax at a resort hotel

You can stay at a luxury resort hotel that you admire at a more reasonable price than in Japan if the prices are low in Thailand! You can also read your favorite book by the pool! You can also enjoy your favorite alcohol! Please spend your time as you wish.

3rd place: Walking around the island

Why don’t you enjoy a relaxing walk on the island where a lot of untouched nature remains? The tension is at its peak with the plants and unexpected scenery unique to the subtropics!

It is also recommended to use a rental motorcycle to enjoy beach tours and popular restaurants and cafes!

A tour is recommended if you go to the remote islands of Bangkok

To visit a remote island from Bangkok, you have to make full use of various vehicles such as boarding a plane, boarding a bus, boarding a boat, and so on. That’s the real pleasure of traveling, but if you’re feeling uneasy because you don’t have the time to go, or because you don’t have confidence in your words, we recommend taking a tour.

If you take a tour, you can move to remote islands efficiently, and there are also hotel transfers and tours with Japanese guides. Depending on the remote islands, there are also day trip plans, so it’s a nice point to be able to choose a tour that suits you.

Popular tours may be sold out, so it’s a good idea to book early once the dates are set. Take a tour from Bangkok and enjoy sightseeing easily!

Let’s aim for a remote island from Bangkok!

How was it? In this article, I have introduced only 7 remote islands that can be reached from Bangkok. In addition, we also explain recommended spots on remote islands and recommended ways to spend, so please use them as a reference for your trip!

Even if you call it a remote island, there are various attractions and ways to enjoy it! What do you want to enjoy? Please spend a wonderful time on a remote island that suits you. Forget the crowds of the city once in a while and enjoy a relaxing vacation!