The destination was, yes, a place I’ve never been a to-a a journey in search of new attractions. This time I’ve been camping in a cabin near a very nice hot spring in the towns of Canyon Pintado and Steamboat Springs in northwestern Colorado, which I’ve always wanted to visit. We stayed at Vernal, Utah the night before. From there, head east on the state highway into Colorado. I entered Colorado and found the Colorado Welcome Center in the town of Dinosaur, so I got a map and a pamphlet here.

As mentioned in other travelogues, the local information you receive at these locations is essential for planning your trip. We always collect as many pamphlets as we can and look from end to end looking for lesser-known places. (See also our travelogue, “A Series of Little-Known Places in Utah.”) Of course, we got information about our destination, Canyon Pintado, and left immediately. What is Canyon Pintado? It is the area where you can see Native American murals (mainly Pictographs) designated as the Colorado National Historic District. This is the first point. Park your car on the side of the road and walk a little trail. .. .. .. But as expected, Colorado is covered with snow! It’s really cold!

Here you can see the pictograph of the cone. Certainly, this style of the mural has never been seen anywhere else. Waving Hands Pictograph. It’s a pity that the upper part is inevitably shadowed by adjusting the position of the sun. I wish I had come. Early morning is good for taking pictures without the influence of sunlight. There are more than 10 attractions in Canyon Pintado, but I can’t see all of them even in a day, so I give up the other points and head to the hot springs about 2 hours away from here. If you were driving slowly with cruise control, wouldn’t a flock of deer slowly cross in front of you? The surprised faces of the deer after sudden braking so as not to run over the deer were cute.

Steamboat Springs is about 10,000 feet above sea level and seems to be famous for its ski resorts. Our car is a 4×4, but just in case, it’s a chain winding cousin. But the area is dark and my hands are biting. Snow gets in my shoes. I’m currently fighting with the chain. Finally arrived at the hot spring. I checked in at the entrance of the hot spring and carried my luggage to the cabin I had reserved. The cabin was very simple with only four items: a stove, a lantern, a bed, and a wooden desk. However, no matter how simple it is, if you have a stove, you won’t complain. The outside temperature is below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. There is no futon, so you have to bring your own sleeping bag, linen, etc.

Today’s dinner is the rest of yesterday’s Mexican, curry and umeboshi. What an assortment. But traveling is such a thing, isn’t it? The hot springs are open until midnight. However, since it becomes a Clothing Optional after sunset, bathing is prohibited for those under the age of 18. Even though it’s called Clothing Optional, it’s pitch black at night so you can’t see the surroundings at all. The hot springs here are open to the public with little modification to nature, so there are no streets around the hot springs or on the road from the cabin to the hot springs. You walk with your own flashlight.

When we went, we could see the sky full of stars and the Milky Way. I’m really happy to use the hot springs under the starry sky ~ ~ ~ I can get rid of the tiredness of driving ~ ~ At dawn, you will be wearing a bathing suit, so you can take a bath even if you are under 18 years old. I got up early in the morning and went to a hot spring with a Chibi member. Apparently, we want to be the first. It’s very fantastic because the steam sways in the cold. There is also an Indian hut. No matter where you look around, it’s full of snow. It seems to be persistent, but the temperature is below 20 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 7 degrees Celsius).

A terrible temperature for us spoiled by the climate of Los Angeles. But once you get into the hot springs, there is nothing scary anymore! The scenery is superb and the snowy scenery is a picture! The stairs here! It’s frozen. Hold the handrail slowly and slowly so as not to slip. Not only the stairs but everywhere on the ground is frozen. The problem was that the clothes and bath towels I took off were frozen more and more. Towels are frozen and crunchy.

When I wipe my body, it’s like “I’m there, I’m there” and I’m rubbing with a dry cloth. There were about 6 hot spring pools in all. The temperature of each hot water is different. It’s good hot water, huh? Chibi members are currently training. Instead, I put frozen hair and eyelashes in hot water to melt them.I’m getting sicker and sicker. I know it’s hot and I just put my hand in such a place.

The sun has come out a little. The trees reflected by the sun make it beautiful and sigh while soaking in the hot springs. Even if you lie down on a chair and lie in the sun. … It’s impossible in winter! There is a massage room next to the hot spring, and you can get a massage for a fee. It’s a pity, but today I have to drive another 400 miles (= 560 km) to New Mexico, so I will round up the hot springs around here.

Return to the cabin, change clothes, and load your luggage into the car. Then clean the floor with a broom for the next guest. We stayed in the cabin on the left. The shower and toilet are shared, but I didn’t use the shower room because I was soaking in the hot springs all the time. It’s been a while since I’ve seen icicles. This is the reception of the hot spring. You’re remodeling a rusty classic car and it’s perfect for Colorado, right?

The road from the hot springs to the town of Steamboat Springs. It’s sunny and comfortable! On the way back, the Colorado number without the chain was stuck in the groove (snow) of the road. That’s why I don’t say it.