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What kind of place is Dubai?

Dubai, one of the United Arab Emirates, is a tourist city that runs the economy of the Middle East in the vast desert.

Because it is gorgeous as if you have collected all the luxury of the world, you must be rich to enjoy it …? Many people think that it is a city that even ordinary citizens can enjoy.

Especially in recent years, it is very popular for girls’ trips! Why is it so popular …?

Dubai with lots of “the best in the world”

The world’s largest flower garden “Dubai Miracle Garden”

Most of Dubai’s tourist attractions are the best in the world! It looks great on Instagram wherever you go.

In particular, the Dubai Miracle Garden, which has been certified by Guinness as the world’s largest vertical garden, offers a fairyland-like landscape filled with girls’ dreams.

One of the highlights is that there are various objects as well as flowers. There are train objects, flower clocks, flower-covered airplanes, and cutely decorated ponds as shown in the picture, all of which are photogenic! I want to go to such a fairy tale world once.

This garden has been open since November and is closed in midsummer, so please check the exact opening time.

The tallest building in the world “Burj Khalifa”

This photo is the tallest skyscraper in the world, “Burj Khalifa”. Its height is 828m. Even that Sky Tree is 634m, so it’s about 200m higher.

Dubai skyline as seen from Burj Khalifa

In addition, the tallest observatory on the Skytree is 450m above the ground, which is the height of the first observatory in Burj Khalifa. The tallest observatory called “At The Top Sky” is 556m high!

People who climbed the memorial while thinking that it was only expensive to seem to be impressed by the overwhelming scale.

The world’s largest fountain “Dubai Fountain”

Dubai is an unusual scale on all scales, but the huge fountain in front of Burj Khalifa is also the best in the world.

The height of the spouting reaches the 50th floor of the building! Fountain shows are held more than 10 times daily to music and lights.

How to enjoy the gorgeousness of Dubai …?

Dubai looks great in photos anyway, but of course, I would like to go sightseeing once. However,

for those who want to not only go if possible but also enjoy the gorgeousness, we will introduce a great tour that will surely be a fulfilling trip! The tour price starts from $1800 USD, but why is it so good?

3 Reasons Why This Tour Is Great

Reason (1) Because the top floor ticket of Burj Khalifa is attached

It comes with an admission ticket for “At The Top Sky” on the top floor of Burj Khalifa!

This ticket is usually about $135 USD even if it is sold in advance. Of course, there are people who want to experience this height, which is a symbol of Dubai … but the amount of money …, but this tour already comes as a tour service, so don’t worry about it.

By the way, if you have this top-floor ticket, you will also be taken to the Burj Khalifa lounge, where you will be served some sweets and drinks. It’s a nice privilege to enjoy the gorgeous gorgeousness!

Reason (2) Popular activity! It also comes with a desert safari

Dubai is the desert of the Middle East! So, people who come to Dubai will definitely have an optional tour of the desert safari, but this tour already comes with a desert safari.

After driving the dunes with a 4WD car, you will be fascinated by the beautiful sunset over the desert. Then enjoy a barbecue and watch the belly dancers dance in the campfire lights.

If you want to experience it, you can also enjoy painting and hookah that you can draw various designs on your hands and feet.

Reason (3) It is incomparable with the other 5 stars! I’m staying at a hotel in the palace

Palace Downtown

And, after all, this hotel is the last one I would like to recommend! Staying on a tour, Palace Downtown is by far the largest five-star hotel in Dubai and is said to be the most popular hotel in downtown Dubai.

Of course, the pool is so wide and transparent that you can’t imagine it, and just staying at such a beautiful hotel makes sense to come to Dubai.

As with the outdoors, the interior is also carefully crafted, so you can feel as if you were in an Arabian night in the Middle East. Provided by: ST World

That’s not the only good thing about this hotel.

The location is great, right in the middle of Dubai. The Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain fountains are right in front of you, so you can enjoy the luxurious view from the hotel.

The Dubai Mall, the world’s largest shopping mall with amusement facilities, is also a 5-minute walk away, and the metro station is also nearby, making it ideal for sightseeing!

The rooms are also traditionally made in Arab, and one of the most talked-about among users in the comfort of the bed. The fluffy, high-quality bed has a reputation for a good night’s sleep!

The service level of the staff is also high, and it seems that you can truly enjoy the gorgeous Dubai.