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What is our Become Local Expert means?
Explore Oman is a platform that allows you to create the best experiences that travellers from all over the world can book and buy online, from guided tours to surf lessons, among many others. Suppliers that sell products or services with us can reach customers through and its correspond partners sites.
Does Local Expert and Partners are the same? Does both have the same registration procedure?
No, Local Experts can be anyone who has the will and wish to guide and explore the tour to the travellers by your own. You showcase your product or services using your platform and start earning once you get the booking.

Please read Our Local Expert Policy for more details.

Our Partners are either registered individual or organisation who work together and share our values and services towards our mission. There is a separate registration for applying for Partners.
What do I get when signing up?
You’ll get a business listing (if you don’t already have one) which is a dedicated page on our platform that showcases your business and reviews. You’ll also get free access to our Explore Oman's Become Local Expert Management Center where you can publish products or services, manage your bookings and reviews. Any products you create will be shown on your Explore Oman's listing.
Who can register?
Anyone can, from large tour operators to family-run vineyards or even a local expert offering a walking tour of their town or city. You just need to be aged 18 or over and comply with all applicable laws and regulations in which you operate.
How do I get paid?
You can collect whenever you want, you only need a minimum accumulated of 50 € in your account and you can already charge to choose by bank transfer, PayPal or stripe, this is done from your withdrawal partner account.
How much does it cost?
There are no sign-up costs to become a supplier on our platform. You decide exactly how much you want to earn when creating a product and then we set the price travellers to pay—the difference is the amount we keep. You receive your earnings directly to your bank or PayPal. Simple.
Do I have to sell products?
No, there’s no obligation to actually sell products if you don’t want to. If all you’re looking for is a listing on our platform to collect reviews and share info with customers, you’re still in the right place! When you create your account, you’ll automatically get a listing and you can update it whenever you like from the Management Center.
How much do you charge me for each booking?
We charge for each booking 20% of the total tour value and the rest is for you.
What do you charge for the service?
We charge 20% of each booking.
How does online tours work?
Online tours are like normal tours but it is done without people in person, clients do the internet tour from their homes by videoconference (you choose the videoconferencing company you want to work with, example: skype, zoom, etc.). When making a booking, you pass the contact details and you get in touch with the client and you pass the details of the meeting on the date and time and the company with which you make the videoconference.
Can I put Tripadvisor comments on my tours?
If you can put it and if you want to put it contact us to indicate how to do it.