1. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a must-see for sightseeing in Abu Dhabi. Built by the founding father of the UAE for about 55 billion yen, everything is gorgeous and luxurious. In the daytime, you will be overwhelmed by the beauty of the white marble that shines in the blue sky, and when the sun goes down, it will be lit up and you will be breathtaking. The main hall, with the world’s largest hand-woven Persian carpet, is large enough to accommodate about 7,000 people. A huge crystal chandelier suspended from the ceiling will not block the open mouth. It is a tourist destination that symbolizes Abu Dhabi, reflecting the abundance of the oil powerhouse UAE.

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is visited by many tourists from all over the world, but there are some things to keep in mind. Even though it is a tourist destination, the mosque is a sacred place for Islam. There are a few standards that should be followed when visiting.  The dress code is especially important to watch out for. Women can see the skin and clothes that show the body line are NG. Hair should be covered with a scarf or the like. Make sure to prepare in advance and follow the minimum etiquette when sightseeing! Also, since there is morning worship time only on Fridays, the opening time for the open house will be from the evening.

2. Emirates Palace

Next, I would like to introduce you to the Emirates Palace, which is called the “7-star hotel “. Many tourists from all over the world come to see the spectacular building at a glance. The gorgeous building, which is more like a palace than a hotel, has all kinds of facilities such as a private pool and gym. It is a tourist destination unique to the UAE where celebrities gather from all over the world. For those who are out of reach of accommodation, we recommend the “LE CAFE” in the hotel. You can use it even if you are not a guest, and you can enjoy a luxurious and elegant tea time.

“LE CAFE” offers “Emirates Palace Cappuccino”, generally known as “Gold Leaf Cappuccino”. Gold leaf is luxuriously piled up on the fragrant cappuccino. The price is less than 2000 yen. It’s a gorgeous price for a cappuccino, but it’s worth a try if you think of it as a celebrity experience! ?? It seems that it may not be possible to enter during the busy season, so it is safe to make a reservation.

3. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World, the world’s first Ferrari theme park, is a major tourist destination in Abu DhabiIn a huge facility that is five times as large as the Tokyo Dome, there are more than 20 attractions related to automobiles, such as attractions where you can enjoy the thrill of sports cars. It’s a theme park where adults are more likely to be more fun than children. It’s an indoor amusement park, so it’s nice to be cool and comfortable.

Quite possibly the most mainstream attractions is “Recipe Rossa”. It seems to be the fastest roller coaster in the world with a maximum speed of 240km / h! If you are courageous, try it. In addition to attractions, there are plenty of restaurants and souvenir shops in the facility, so it is a tourist spot that you can enjoy all day long. If you like cars, Ferraris, and screaming lovers, why don’t you visit Ferrari World?

4. Etihad Towers

Abu Dhabi is a futuristic building. Among them, this “Etihad Towers” is a group of high-rise buildings that can be said to be the symbol mark of Abu Dhabi. It is located on the opposite bank of the Emirates Palace. The all-glass towers you see in front of you are a masterpiece. It’s as if you’re in the movie world.

Inside the tower are five-star hotels and malls lined with luxury boutiques, giving you a glimpse into the world of celebrities. Even if you don’t go indoors, just taking a picture with the exterior in the background will surely make you an unforgettable memory. Odori the access facing the Ri good, and try to stop by in passing over the other tourist destinations.

5. Observation Deck at 300

If you go to the observation deck “Observation Deck at 300” on the 74th floor of Tower 2 of Etihad Towers, which I introduced earlier, you can get a panoramic view of Abu Dhabi. As the name implies, 300 meters above the ground, you can see the characteristic cityscape of Abu Dhabi and the cobalt blue Persian Gulf. How luxurious it is to be able to overlook the glittering scenery of Abu Dhabi, including the luxury hotel “Emirates Palace”.

Afternoon tea with stunning views is also popular on this deck. Watching the endless horizon and tasting the finest tea will be an unprecedented luxury. The photo looks perfect. Please be aware that you need to make a reservation by the day before to have afternoon tea.

6. Louvre Abu Dhabi

Opened in 2017, the Louvre Abu Dhabi was founded under an agreement between the Louvre Museum in France and the UAE. About 600 works are rented from the Louvre Museum and exhibited. Not to mention the works, what I want to pay attention to is the architecture of the museum itself. The building, which seems to be floating on the water, has a motif of low-rise Arab houses. Also, the dome with a geometric pattern made of metal like a bird’s nest is also characteristic.

Although the number of works is less than that of the Louvre Museum, paintings by world-famous painters such as Van Gogh and Picasso are also exhibited. The Louvre museum because it is not crowded enough, It is good to be able to look around slowly work. If you have time, why not forget about it and indulge in art appreciation?

7. Hyatt Capital Gate

The “Hyatt Capital Gate” has been certified by Guinness as “the most tilted tower in the world made by humans”. It’s tilted more than four times as much as the Leaning Tower of Pisa! I wonder how it keeps this shape. A building unique to the near-future city of Abu Dhabi. I want to see it at a glance.

There is a hotel inside this tower, so it might be a good idea to have lunch. The experience of entering the world’s most inclined building may be a good memory!

8. The Corniche

Abu Dhabi extends along the coast of the east of Odori is, “Corniche”. Here you can take a leisurely stroll and enjoy the scenery of Abu Dhabi. Along the well-maintained sidewalk, there are cafes and restaurants, as well as Corniche Beach overlooking the Persian Gulf.

This place is said to be a place of relaxation for local people. It’s good to relax on the beach while mixing with the locals. We also rent bicycles here. Why don’t you enjoy a calm time while riding a bicycle and feeling the Arab breeze with the beautiful beach sideways?

How was it?

Atmosphere full of an exotic feeling of the Arabian Nights, a luxury experience can become a celebrity mood, many … of buildings reminiscent of a near-future in Abu Dhabi, the Abu Dhabi There are a lot of not only attractive. Please come and experience its charm. Finally, the UAE has a subtropical climate and is hot all year round, especially in summer, when temperatures exceed 40 degrees Celsius. Don’t forget to take measures against the heat and make your trip enjoyable so as not to get sick!