If you start wanting to be a tour conductor, you may have questions like this. Any qualified to become tour conductor? If you want to become a tour conductor, it is essential to understand the tour conductor early and draw a path to become a tour conductor.

So this time, I’ll prepare you for your goals.

■ What kind of qualifications are required
■ What kind of qualifications and skills are required
■ What type, of course, should be selected?

I will explain various questions, such as the story of Professor Sakazaki of the Department of International Tourism, Kanda Foreign Language Institute, who has a qualification as a general travel business handling manager and has experience in overseas travel agencies such as Thailand.

1. What is the educational background required to become a tour conductor?

You don’t need a specific educational background to become a tour conductor. High school graduates, vocational school graduates, junior college graduates, and university graduates can all be tour conductors.

Route to becoming a tour conductor.

However, no matter which route you follow, you will need to have an “Itinerary Manager Qualification.”
We will explain the qualifications in the next chapter.

2. What are the qualifications required of a tour conductor?

Information onboarding in the service area [Kanda Foreign Language Institute Bus Training]

2-1. Mentioned, the “itinerary Manager Qualification” is a requirement for any tour conductor accompanying an “individual or group excursion” booked by a travel agency.

You can obtain the “itinerary Management Chief Qualification” by training at a registered training institution such as a company or school approved by the Japan Tourism Agency. Although it depends on the training institution, there are no restrictions on the time to take the test, and it is possible to participate in qualification training.

There are two types of this qualification as follows.
(1) “domestic itinerary manager qualification” that can be accompanied only by domestic travel
(2) “comprehensive itinerary manager qualification” that can be accompanied by overseas and domestic travel

Below summarizes the characteristics.

* 1 The registered dispatching company may have an age limit such as 18 years old or older.
* 2 For the English test, questions such as listening and reading the English itinerary will be given.
* 3 Training costs vary greatly depending on the training institution, so they are for reference only.

Suppose you only want to take a tour guide for domestic travel. In that case, it is enough to obtain “domestic Itinerary Manager Qualification” If you would like to take a tour guide for an overseas trip, aim for the “comprehensive Itinerary Management Chief Qualification.”

However, there are two hurdles to obtaining the “comprehensive Itinerary Manager Qualification” that includes an English test and costs money to conduct on-the-job training overseas.
If you are worried about your English ability or cost, we recommend that you first obtain the “domestic Itinerary Manager Qualification.”

This is because if you have the “domestic Itinerary Management Chief Qualification” you will be exempted from two subjectsA. Basic Training and B. Applied Training when you obtain the “comprehensive Itinerary Management Chief Qualification.”

In addition, even if you obtain the “C” comprehensive Itinerary Management Chief Qualification” “from the beginning, there are almost no cases where you suddenly go on an overseas tour guide.

How to obtain the itinerary manager qualification

There are three ways to qualify as an Itinerary Chief.
(1) after registration in joining and dispatch company to company how to get to
(2) while attending a vocational school and university, how to get to
(3) Other, personal way to get in

It is common to aim for qualification by methods (1) and (2).
With either method, if you have an “itinerary manager qualification,” “you can aim to qualify without any special preparation.

Training content of “I” itinerary Management Chief Qualification.”

The specific training content is as shown below.

  1. The main points of the training content are the following three.
  2. Both domestic and general A. Basic training must be taken
  3. Domestic has 2 test subjects; the general has 3 test subjects
  4. If you are a general itinerary manager, C. On-the-job training Do overseas
  5. If you have an “itinerary manager qualification,” “you can get it in about four days.
  6. It is a good idea to plan for qualification according to your situation.

2-2. If you have a tourism qualification, you will have an advantage when you get a job.

  1. Although it is not required to become a tour conductor, having a tourism qualification may give you an advantage when you get a job at a company.
  2. The first recommendation is to aim for the “Travel Business Handling Manager Qualification.” assing is not easy because of national qualifications, but it is not impossible.
  3. If you qualify, you will be considered to have the necessary knowledge about travel. It will be an advantageous qualification when you get a job or change jobs in the tourism industry.
  4. Also, depending on the company, you may receive a qualification allowance.
  5. For example, at Eurasia Travel Agency Co., Ltd., if you obtain the ” Travel Business Handling Manager Qualification,” “you can receive 10,000 yen per month as various allowances.
  6. Since it is paid monthly, it can be said that the merit of acquiring it is excellent considering that you can get 120,000 yen a year.

Those who are uneasy about job hunting or want to be involved in selling travel packages should obtain these qualifications.

  • “It” itinerary manager qualification” and “Travel business handling manager qualification” are different
    . It is easy to confuse the two capabilities because they have similar names but are entirely different.
  • “It” nearly manager qualification” i” a qualification required for a tour conductor
  • “Travel business handling manager qualification” i” a capability needed to operate a travel agency.

3. To work for a company as a tour conductor

You cannot be a tour conductor just by having an “It” itinerary Manager Qualification.” introduced it as one of the ways to get a qualification. Still, you need to join a company to become a tour conductor.

  1. Tour conductors can be broadly divided into three ways of working.
  2. A case where a tour operator dispatches company only performs tour guide services
  3.  A case where a small and medium-sized travel agency performs tour guide services in addition to office work and arrangements
  4. A case where a significant travel agency also performs tour guide services as a sales position
  5. The work content and work style will differ significantly in each case.
  6. From this increases the Satisfaction in terms of work is possible to select the type that suits you.

3-1. The case where only the tour operator is performed at the tour operator dispatch company

The first is the case where the tour operator dispatching company only handles the tour operator.

In recent years, the travel industry has been divided into divisions of labor, and it is necessary to join (register) a dispatch company specializing in tour guide services to perform only tour guide services.

■ It is recommended for people like this!

  • Since this is the first time for all the companies and customers to be dispatched, people can enjoy their first encounter without knowing anyone.
  • People who like to collect information and absorb knowledge, such as searching the internet by themselves, because there are many tourist destinations for the first time.
  • People with communication skills, such as asking senior employees for information that cannot be found online

■ Points regarding joining (registration)

  • Education is irrelevant if you are over 18 years old
  • When registering with a company, depending on the results of recruitment selection such as interviews, join (register)

■ How to work

  • A work style that makes you fly around Japan and overseas in a month
  • You can experience visiting various places worldwide, including Japan, without travel, accommodation, or food expenses.
  • Holidays are irregular, and you may stay at a hotel for more than half of the month.

■ Income / salary

  • Employment forms, in two main types of temporary and contract employees, the difference is the payment method of salary
    to track employees safe even inexperienced in fixed salary is I get paid a salary by the amount following staff.”
  • For contract employees, a minimum monthly salary is guaranteed
  • For dispatched employees, there are many daily wage systems and hourly wage systems.

It is attractive to go to various domestic and overseas places and have a powerful experience in a few years.
As a tour conductor, while having physical strength, there are also examples of experiencing various places in Japan and overseas and using that experience to plan tours at travel agencies.

3-2. A case where a small and medium-sized travel agency performs tour guide work in addition to clerical work and arrangement work.

In many cases, when you get a job at a small or medium-sized travel agency, you can experience various jobs related to travel, as you often handle clerical work, sales, planning, reservations, arrangements, tour guides, etc., in-house.

■ They are recommended for people like this!

  • Anyway, people who want to try various things.
  • A person who wants to work on a small-scale project by himself and take time to get involved in the project.
  • People who want to do everything from 1 to 10 alone, such as sales, planning, reservations, etc.

■ Points regarding joining the company

  • Since the company is small and has few employees, there is a tendency to want an immediate workforce.
  • It is advantageous to get a job if you have practical knowledge, such as vocational school graduate or university graduate

■ How to work

1. Companies that do not handle recruitment type package tours

  • Customize and create terms with each customer
  • Make sales, planning, reservations, arrangements, tour guides, etc. from start to finish
  • Work is busy because I can experience all the work myself

2. Companies that handle recruitment-type package tours

  • I go on a tour guide once or twice a month, and many times go to Japan and abroad.

3. Common to both

  • We can contribute to increasing repeaters by building deep relationships with our customers.
  • Basic Saturdays and Sundays are closed on months and weeks when there is no tour guide

■ Income / salary

  • Many companies have a tour guide allowance if the tour guide is paid every month.
  • Since the number of employees is small and the unit price per person is high, the salary is relatively high.

By performing from planning to tour guide, you can get tour reaction and schedule improvement points from customers. The most attractive point is that we can provide better trips to our customers by using various experiences such as sightseeing spots visited when we went to Japan and abroad, rice we ate, and scenery we saw in the planning of tours.

3-3. A case where a significant travel agency also performs tour guide business as a sales position

Although it is a particular case, there are cases where even a significant travel agency can provide a tour guide.

As mentioned above, most major travel agencies have a division of labor, and the tour operator is outsourced to an outside company. However, if you are in a sales position, you can accompany yourself as a tour conductor on company study trips, school trips, etc.

■ They are recommended for people like this!

  • People can work well in teamwork because the division of labor, such as planning, arrangement, and sales, is done.
  • Someone who finds it rewarding to do (achieve) things in a team
  • People who want to master one thing carefully

■ Points regarding joining the company

  • Many companies mainly hire vocational school graduates, junior college graduates, and university graduates, and some companies do not employ high school graduates.
  • If you want to become a primary travel agency, it is recommended to go to a vocational school or university.

■ How to work

  • You can professionally experience one occupation from various occupations such as sales, sales, planning, etc.
  • The work is divided into the planning department, the sales department for sales, and the arranging department for arrangements.
  • If you are assigned to the Educational Travel Division as a business of a primary travel agency, you will be on a tour guide almost every day
    during the school trip season. There is)
  • In addition to school trips, we also provide guidance and tour guide services for academic societies and international conferences.
  • Basic Saturdays and Sundays are closed on months and weeks when there is no tour guide

■ Income / salary

  • There are two main types of employment: national employee course and area employee course
    -National employee course-work for corporations and individuals all over the country
    -Area employee course-the place of work is fixed, and there is no transfer
    * Difference Is mainly the salary part, and there is a tendency for more employees nationwide.
  • The salary is a monthly salary system, and the welfare program tends to be exceptionally high in large companies.
    * The welfare program is not the company’s money to employees but the average wages and salaries. It’It’sreward.

A significant travel agency conducts business for corporations and individuals. It is perfect for students who want to be involved in making memories, as it is possible to take a tour guide for group trips at schools and companies.
However, unless you are assigned to corporate sales, you will not be able to perform tour guides, and your working style will change significantly depending on your assignment.

4. What are the qualities and skills required of a tour conductor?

You cannot play an active role as a tour conductor just by qualifying.
In the actual work, you need the qualities and skills that you have cultivated.

In this chapter, to play an active role as a tour conductor while talking with Professor Sakazaki of the Department of International Tourism, Kanda Foreign Language Institute, who has “get” real travel business handling manager qualification” a”d has experience in overseas travel agencies such as Thailand. I will explain the points.

The following five points are necessary to play an active role as a tour conductor.
(1) Make sure to prepare in advance by imagining various risks in advance!
(2) Acquire calmness and leeway to cope with a pinch
(3) Increase your Satisfaction with an appropriate voice saying “attentive and worried”!
(4) Communication skills that allow you to interact with many people
(5) “Eng” ish skills” fo” overseas tours

4-1. Make sure to prepare in advance by imagining various risks in advance!

It is also an essential quality of tour conductors to work to avoid troubles in advance.

You can avoid trouble while traveling by imagining various situations, preparing, and taking action. Also, if you anticipate some solutionsyou will be prepared and can respond without any hassle.

For example, for festival viewing tours and hiking trails that are expected to be crowded, think about ways to avoid getting lost, clearly tell where to meet when you get lost and check the routRoute weather forecast in advance. Such.
For overseas tours, you can prepare for what is happening in the world by keeping an antenna.

4.2 Acquire calmness and mental leeway to cope with a pinch

Even if you prepare, happenings are an integral part of your journey.
During the trip, you may get caught in traffic jams, transportation delays, sudden suspension due to weather conditions, unreserved dining locations, different room categories, or insufficient accommodation rooms! I have various troubles, such as.

Even when such, or not a is calm yourself, you need to bear in mind the clear judgment and correspondence. 
If the tour conductor is down, the customer will be wondering, “Is “t okay to leave it to this tour conductor?”

You will be able to acquire it from your daily life by having the consciousness of “do “not rush, do not panic, do not give up.”

4.3. Satisfaction is improved with an appropriate voice saying “attentive, and worried”!

Tour conductors will only accompany you on “group” trips.”

From the tour operator’s view, he is one of the groups, but he is the only tour operator from the customer of view. And best of all, everyone pays the same tour fee. You are entitled to the same service, but the tour will not progress slowly if you listen to each person and request one by one.

Therefore, it is essential to speak out before being told. Don’tDon’tlook trivial customer actions or silent complaints, as blindly speaking out will not hit the mark.

For example, it is essential for people rubbing their arms to say, “Is i” cold?” And”change the direction of the air conditioning or temporarily stop the air conditioning. If anyone is coughing, you can casually give everyone a throat lozenge.

If you forcibly break into the circle of people who are talking happily in a group, you may think that you are a person who can not read the air. The atmosphere of the place may be whitened.  To be comfortable and attentive, it is essential to have a good look at the whole thing and a timely voice.

4.4. Communication skills and teamwork skills to interact with many people

Customers are not the only ones involved with tour conductors. It is indispensable to have a bus driver who drives all day safely long, staff at restaurants and accommodations at tourist destinations, and a local guide who guides the company and the site.

In addition, if you are a registered tour conductor, you will have a detailed meeting with the travel agency before the tour guide, and you will also have to make a payment after the tour.

To make the tour enjoyable and comfortable, it is essential to understand each other sings and positions through pleasant greetings, smiles, and a proper conversation.

And it’s iMessage feelings for those who plan, arrange, guide, and manage the itinerary to deliver an enjoyable tour. Each person needs to have the awareness and responsibility of being a team member.

4-5. For overseas tours, “English ability.”

There are many cases where a local guide who can speak Japanese is attached, but there are many cases where a local guide who cannot talk to Japanese is attached. In that case, the tour.

Even if the customer becomes ill and is taken to the hospital during the night when there is no guide, it is necessary for the tour operator to be the tour operator and to stand between the customer and the hospital.

In addition, if there is a change in boarding time or location during immigration procedures at the airport, you must listen to the announcement and guide the customer to the correct location.

In this way, English proficiency is required in various situations, so “Engl” sh proficiency” is “indispensable for overseas tours.

Reason 1. Learn deeply about the tourism industry from an academic point of view. You can
specialize in learning about tourism and think deeply about the ideal state and future of the tourism industry.
Specifically, we will explore “what” is tourism,” “w” at”the tourism industry should be, to solve problems in the tourism business,” etc.”, and acquire the ability to create new “sigh” seeing” in “the future.

Reason 2.
Suppose you are a university graduate who can get a job at a company in various industries. In that case, you can choose a company that suits you from many tour guide companies and travel agencies more than vocational school graduates. It is also an advantage that you can choose a path other than the tourism industry from many options even if you change your course while in school.

4.6. Even high school graduates can get a job as a tour operator

Even high school graduates can register with a tour operator.
However, it is not a highly recommended choice. There are two reasons for this.

Reason 1. – Lack of knowledge about the tourism industry Because
you work as a tour conductor, and you will be treated as a professional in the tourism industry. Professional behavior and learning
 to manage travel and guide customers safely are essential. You will learn the basic knowledge as a tour conductor during the training, but that alone is not enough experience and expertise. Both you and yourself will be in trouble.

Reason 2. – Employment options for
high school graduates are narrowed. Hiring for high school graduates is mainly done at a tour operator, making it difficult to get a job at a travel agency and do other than tour operator work. As mentioned above, there is a high possibility that you will not work as a tour conductor at a travel agency or sales position.

However, since qualification acquisition training can be provided simultaneously as employment, those who want to become a tour conductor as soon as possible and those who want to learn skills and minds from practical experience may consider getting a job after graduating from high school.

However, if you want to get a job as a tour operator after graduating from high school, you need to learn the knowledge, qualities, and skills in advance.

We recommend going to a university or vocational school because those who go on to a vocational school or university will acquire knowledge about the tourism industry. The possibility of expanding the range of companies that are hiring will increase.

If you want to be a tour conductor, Kanda Foreign Language Institute International Tourism Department is recommended.

As mentioned above, if you want to be a tour conductor, it is best to go to a vocational school.

Among the many vocational schools, I recommend you study at the Kanda Foreign Language InstiInstitute’srnational Tourism Department.

In addition to acquiring specialized knowledge about the tourism industry, we also support the acquisition of qualifications as a “domestic itinerary manager” and a “domestic travel business handling manager.”
In”addition, by leveraging the strengths of foreign language vocational schools, we will be able to improve the English proficiency required in the tourism industry in the future.

This time, I will introduce a part of the curriculum.

“Tour “conductor practice” that can be qualified as an itinerary manager

You will learn the knowledge necessary as a tour conductor, the flow of tour guide work, and hospitality. Acquire practical knowledge and culture suitable for work. Since we have a tie-up with TEI Co., Ltd., you can conduct bus tour operator training in class and obtain “domestic itinerary management chief qualification.”

After qualifying, it is also a good point that you can register as a tour conductor with TEI Co., Ltd., which you have a tie-up with while you are in school, and you can ride with the customer for a fee.

“Domestic / overseas tourism resources” to a quire basic knowledge for working in the tourism industry

You will learn a wide range of tourism resources such as the geography of Japan and the world, world heritage sites, local events, arts such as painting and music, and traditional cuisineAlso. We will deepen our knowledge about the history and climate behind each and enhance the essential academic ability and expertise to be active in the travel industry.


What did you think?
As you can see, to become a tour conductor, you need qualifications and various knowledge and human resources in the tourism industry.
Finally, the following four points are summarized in the contents explained in this article.

(1) Tour conductors need to have a ” Manager Qualification” and “anyone obtains an over the age of 18.

(2) There are three main ways of working for tour conductors.

  1. A case where only the tour operator is performed at the tour operator dispatch company
  2. A case where a small and medium-sized travel agency performs tour guide work in addition to clerical work and arrangement work
  3. A case where a significant travel agency also performs tour guide work as a sales position

Choosing the type that suits you will increase your Satisfaction in working.

(3) Five points necessary to play an active role as a tour conductor

  1. Make sure to prepare in advance by imagining various risks in advance!
  2. Acquire calmness and leeway to cope with a pinch
  3. Satisfaction is improved with an appropriate voice saying, “I’ve, attentive, and worried”!
  4. Com”unification skills to interact with many people
  5. For overseas tours, “Engli”h ability.”

(4) “f you want to be a tour conductor, Kanda Foreign Language Institute International Tourism Department is recommended

It is possible to play an active role as a tour conductor just by having the “Line”ary Manager” qual” fiction, but if you have higher “hospi” quality” and “know” edge,” the”quality of work will improve, and the work will be more enjoyable. There is no doubt.

I hope you read this article to draw a path to becoming a tour conductor and make your dreams come true.