Effective date: April 02, 2021, Read time: 6 minutes

Our firm reserves the right to make any required adjustments to the transfer prices listed on the website. Price changes could occur as a result of increases in fuel prices, exchange rates, inflation, or any other pandemic, as well as potential cost differences.


Our strategy guarantees you affordable pricing as well as the ease of making reservations from our office and online. Unless otherwise stated, all rates on our website are per person and do not include gratuities for tour guides or drivers, passport/visa fees, travel insurance, drinks or food, lodging, room services, or visa-related services. We pledge to provide our services at the prices stated on the confirmation form, booking, invoice, or at the time of ticketing. The published rates are subject to change without notice, particularly in unexpected events such as an increase in airline tickets, hotel rates, or transportation costs, or in the event of a pandemic outbreak.

Methods of Payment

Within Oman, we accept almost all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Diners, as well as bank transfers. The entire transaction must be paid for with a credit card, and guests must include their credit card number to complete the transaction. As a result, a charge will appear on your bank statement.

Confirmation of Payment

Our company will send you a confirmation e-mail once your payment has been received, confirming your transfer reservation. Its print may be shown as proof of payment to the service provider in order to be redeemed for the services you requested. However, make certain that you have given accurate details about your travel criteria before making your reservation.

Delays and Penalties

  1. For date changes, flight cancellation an extra fee may be collected.
  2. In terms of safety and safe travel please be aware of each countries rules and regulations that need to be followed.
  3. All guests should be at the airport 3 hours prior to Domestic Flights, 4 hours prior to International Flights.
  4. According to the policy of various airline companies policy, the fare rate for Adults, Children, and infants might change. We are not liable for any booking made on or before during this time. A penalty fee will be imposed for these cases.
  5. Our organization is not responsible for non-transmitted, delayed, or incomplete e-mails caused by internet data accessibility errors. If this occurs, please contact us immediately.
  6. If there are any flight delays or early arrivals, please e-mail or call us with the new information.

Cancellation & No Show Policy


  1. Before booking any tickets or tour packages with Al Fajar Travel and Tourism, the client must read the cancellation policy for that specific tour. Each service has its own cancellation policies.
  2. Combo tours may be canceled, but if all of the single tours in the combo are canceled, the combo deal will be forfeited. In this situation, we will accept the individual tour price of the non-canceled tour and refund the balance amount.
  3. According to the Visa policy, Tourist Visa fees are non-Refundable, once payment is done at our website. There might be chances that some visa applications might get rejected due to certain reasons. To know more, please visit the Royal Oman Police website.
  4. Please double-check that all tour package options are available before booking. If you don’t, you’ll be limited to the tours and facilities included in the options.

No Show

There will be no partial or absolute refunds if you do not arrive for the tour. In the case of unused vouchers, tourist destinations, car rentals the same condition applies. Rescheduling is also not permitted for confirmed tours, airport transfers, and other travel-related facilities.

Cancellation Procedures

We suggest that you read the cancellation rules that apply to your tour package before making a cancellation. If you need to cancel all or part of your reservation, make sure to notify Al Fajar Travel and Tourism via email. When we receive your cancellation request, we will notify you via e-mail or phone of the booking cancellation confirmation as well as the amount that must be charged. Al Fajar Travel and Tourism are not responsible for any cancellations that we do not obtain from you or that we do not confirm.

Changes to the Itinerary

Your package’s routings and facilities are subject to change depending on local / weather conditions, airway schedules, and other factors. If this occurs, we can provide suitable alternatives of comparable value, but only if they are available. If there are any changes to the itinerary, we will notify you as soon as possible before travel. Please be aware that Al Fajar Travel and Tourism reserves the right to make minor changes to the itinerary at any time without notice or compensation. Furthermore, there would be no compensation in the event of a vis significant event, such as a flood or an earthquake.

It is the customer’s duty to include the correct mobile phone number information during the booking process; otherwise, we would not be held responsible for any issues that might arise.