In addition to fun and expectations, there are many anxieties and worries when traveling abroad for the first time or in a country for the first time. Even the author (who is not good at English), who travels abroad in more than 30 countries, is always worried about the first place. However, from past experience, I feel that “knowing the solution to anxiety in advance” reduces anxiety and reduces the probability of encountering trouble. We will unravel the “vague anxiety” one by one and introduce it together with the solution.

Anxiety (1): Anxiety about whether you can communicate or communicate

Above all else, the sensation of “I need to advise you!” Is significant.
There is a way to convey it without having to convey it in words.

Solution: Photographs are useful

  • It is usually conveyed by showing photos and pictures such as guidebooks, mobile phones, and handwritten illustrations.
  • This is convenient when you want to tell us what you want to order, where you want to go, and what you want to do.

Solution: Utilization of electronic devices

  • If you don’t understand a word, you can look it up in a guidebook or smartphone.
  • Recently, there are translators such as “POCKETALK” and “illi” that have good performance and are compact in size.
  • If you have an internet environment, it is safe to install the google translate applications, etc. in advance.

Solution: Communicate in words or body language

  • It can be transmitted in words, in one word, or in body language.
  • If you arrange the English words you know and express what you want to do with gestures, you will understand it unexpectedly.
  • If you try it even once, you will get some sense and confidence.

Solution: Rely on an overseas branch of a travel agency

  • Traveling abroad with completely different languages and common sense from Japan.
  • If you have a problem, such as not knowing which is a good taxi or which is a dangerous area, HIS has branches in 70 countries around the world.


Anxiety (2): Anxiety about being involved in crime or terrorism

Solution: Check security information from overseas safety website

  • You can check the security status of each country from the overseas safety website provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. By registering with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ overseas travel registration “Tabi-Regi” before departure, you can receive the latest overseas safety information by e-mail in Japanese, and receive emergency contact, safety confirmation, and support.
  • By checking the crime rate, dangerous area, and crime damage (robbery, theft, rip-off) at your travel destination in advance, you can take some measures and prepare yourself.

Solution: Know the basic security measures

  •  Do not carry large amounts of cash or valuables and do not show them in public.
  •  Try to behave and dress inconspicuously. Avoid excessive skin exposure.
  • Avoid places with low traffic and walking alone at night.
  • Give top priority to life and physical safety. Even if you are robbed, assume that the other party has a weapon and do not resist.
  • Avoid using so-called “white taxis” that have not obtained a business license, and use a regular taxi.
  • It is also listed on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.
  • If you receive a request from someone you don’t know, such as “I want you to keep your luggage,” please decline it clearly.
  • There is also a method of using it as a “carrier” such as drugs. (Excerpt from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Overseas Safety Homepage)

Solution: Take out overseas travel insurance

As a precaution, we recommend that you purchase overseas travel insurance with sufficient coverage. If you get sick or injured overseas, you may be charged a high medical fee of tens of millions of yen.
If you need to make an emergency transfer to a third country or Japan, you will have to bear all the expenses including the transfer cost.


Anxiety (3): Anxiety about pickpocketing

Solution: Be aware that it is not Japan

  • It’s natural to keep an eye on your suitcase or bag.
  • In Japan, you may put a bag on your seat, put a bag on the back of your chair, or go to the bathroom with your bag on, but this is all NG.
  • Keep your valuables on your lap or within easy reach.

Solution: Put unnecessary things in your bag

  • Keep your wallet, smartphone, and other electronic devices in your bag unless you need them.
  • Smartphones are luxury items. If you are walking on your smartphone, you are more likely to pickpocket.

Solution: Chuck the bag and bring it forward

  • The other thing is that the mouth of the bag is open.
  • Bring the shoulder bag etc. to the front with the lid on.
  • Even if you have a backpack, hold it in front of you in places where there are many people.
  • It is also important to store valuables such as cash, credit cards, and passports in separate locations to disperse risks to minimize damage.

Solution: Get the latest information on crime damage

  • By registering with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs overseas travel registration “Tabi-Regi”, which has already been introduced, you can receive the latest overseas safety information by e-mail in Japanese.
  • Knowing the technique and not knowing it will change the probability of damage.

Solution: Keep important documents separately by copy or copy

  • We also recommend copying valuables such as passports and credit cards or taking pictures with your mobile phone.
  • The procedure is smooth in the unlikely event that it is lost or stolen.

Solution: Take out overseas travel insurance

  • If you have overseas travel insurance with “Compensation for damages to your belongings”, you will be covered within the scope of the insurance.
  • The local police will submit a “theft report” and you will need a “theft certificate” and an “accident certificate”, so if you are injured, contact the accident reception desk dedicated to overseas travel insurance to confirm.


Anxiety (4): Anxiety about not getting sick

Solution: Get a good night’s sleep

  • You may get tired more than you think you will live in an unfamiliar place.
  • It is also important to have a reasonable schedule and get a good night’s sleep.

Solution: Bring your medicine

  • Prepare the painkillers, gastrointestinal medicines, anti-sickness, anti-diarrhea, etc. that you usually use according to your physical condition.
  • It is safe to bring a little more in case of unforeseen circumstances such as the cancellation of an airplane.

Solution: Take out overseas travel insurance

  • In addition to hospital arrangements and interpreting services, the insurance company will cover the amount of insurance coverage you have.
  • In many cases, medical expenses are high overseas, and if you have a contract with a sufficient amount of compensation, you can receive treatment with peace of mind without worrying about the financial burden.


Anxiety (5): Anxiety about whether you can reach the hotel or destination safely

Solution: Take advantage of Google Maps

  • It is also a good idea to rely on civilization’s tools obediently.
    If you have a communication environment, just set the destination on Google Map and follow the rest.
    If it is a city to some extent, it will show you the route to your destination as well as connecting trains and buses as in Japan.
  • However, since map data has a large capacity, packet communication charges and charging consumption will increase. Therefore, if you log in to GoogleMap in advance and download the offline map, you can display the map without communication, so it is more secure. However, be careful of pickpockets.

Solution: Register the name/address of the place you want to go to your mobile phone or make a note of it.

  • If you convey it in words, it may not be conveyed correctly due to language and pronunciation problems.
  • There is no doubt that you will write down the name and address of your destination in advance and show it.

Solution: Apply for a tour

  • If you’re worried about using public transport or taxis, signing up for an optional tour is one option.
  • It is also recommended to arrange tours with tour guides from Japan, optional tours such as sightseeing locally or in Japan, and pick-up services in advance.

Solution: Use a ride-hailing app such as Uber

  • Download a ride-hailing app such as Uber in advance and register information such as credit cards. If you register your destination and boarding location, the estimated fare will also be displayed.
  • You don’t have to worry about rip-offs because you don’t have to explain your destination or pay. This service is especially appreciated by those who are not good at communication.
  • In addition, driver information will be sent to you so that you can check it before boarding, including evaluation. There are various vehicle dispatch services depending on the country or region, so check in advance and use them.


Anxiety (6): Anxiety about fighting with a companion

Solution: Leave it to me NG

  • If you leave it alone in terms of travel plans and language, the other party’s dissatisfaction may increase, saying “Why am I …”.
  • Don’t just leave it to yourself, do what you can. It takes effort to make the trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

Solution: It’s also important to divide

  • There may be one side that you will not know until you travel.
  • Thinking that it is for a limited time, it is also a point not to waste important time.


Anxiety (7): Airplane procedures / in-flight anxiety

Solution: Take action with plenty of time

  • Depending on the airline, airport, and time of day, we recommend arriving at the airport at least two hours in advance.
  • Check-in and checked baggage procedures take time, items that cannot be checked baggage are put in suitcases, items to be used onboard are not taken out, even if you think that you have prepared well, only when you are in a hurry Happenings happen.
  • When it comes to airport troubles overseas, you may panic because you don’t have much time, language problems, and cultural differences.
  • If you have enough time, you won’t be in a hurry, so you can reduce unnecessary stress.
  • Immigration may take some time, not only during Golden Week and during the year-end and New Year holidays when there are many departures, but also during times when there are many departure flights and when the number of tourists from overseas increases.

Solution: Check in advance what you can and cannot carry on board

  • Lithium batteries, which are used in mobile batteries, have been the most troublesome these days.
  • Please note that lithium batteries can only be carried on board and have limited capacity.

Solution: Check the weight of your luggage

  • The luggage may be too heavy and overweight.
  • The weight and quantity of deposits vary depending on the airline.
  • If you exceed it, you may have to pay an additional fee, or you may not be able to deposit it unless it is within the weight.
  • If you check in advance, you will not be in a hurry at the airport.

Solution: Beware of alcohol on board

  • International planes fly at altitudes around 10,000 meters.
  • The inside of the aircraft during flight is adjusted to about 0.8 atm by a pressurizer, and the amount of oxygen will be reduced by 20%.
  • It is said that when the air pressure drops, the oxygen concentration in the air decreases and the oxygen in the body decreases, resulting in poor metabolism and delayed alcohol decomposition, and the peripheral blood vessels expand and blood circulation is promoted, making it easier for alcohol to flow.It seems that you are two to three times more likely to get sick on the plane than on the ground.
  • In addition to the diuretic effect of alcohol, the cabin is dry and prone to dehydration.
  • Be more modest in alcohol on board and try to drink more than the same amount of water.

Solution: The plane is a safe vehicle

  • Airplanes are said to be the safest vehicle in public transportation.
  • Probability of a plane crash: 0.0009% (World)
  • Probability of a plane crash: 0.000034% (US)
  • Probability of encountering a fatal accident in a car: 0.03% (US)
  • National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)


Anxiety (8): Anxiety about whether the mobile phone will run out of charge

Solution: Carry a mobile battery

  • In addition to the means of communication, mobile phones play various roles such as research, maps, clocks, notepads, calculators, music players, electronic tickets, and cameras. You can also panic if you run out of charge.
  • It is safe to have a mobile battery, as the charge may decrease quickly when using a map or the like.
  • As a precaution, it is a good idea to make a note of the location of the hotel and the contact information of your companion.


Anxiety (9) Anxiety about eating local food

Bring Japanese food

  • Nowadays, there are many delicious and compact instant foods.
  • You can rest assured that you only have miso soup and freeze-dried porridge.

Solution: Watch out for local water and ice

  • Be sure to drink mineral water.
  • Also, if you order a cold drink, ice will often come in, so say “No ice” or order a hot drink.


Anxiety (10) I’m worried if I can leave for an overseas trip in the first place

Solution: Travel cancellation insurance is recommended

You may have to cancel your trip due to sudden illness such as a sudden business trip, a time when influenza is prevalent, or a trip with young children.
The following reasons are the most common reasons for cancellation.

・ Cancellation due to sudden illness or injury
・ Sudden business trip
・ Pregnancy detection
・ Transportation suspension such as typhoon ・ Delay
・ Death of relative or person ・ Critical

  • All are unpredictable events. Even so, regular package tours will incur the prescribed cancellation fee from one month in advance (40 days in peak season).
  • If you cancel just before, it may cost 50% of the travel price the day before and 100% on the day.
  • Depending on the type of ticket, if you cancel at the same time as booking, it is often 100%.
  • You can rest assured that you will have travel cancellation insurance that will cover up to the full amount of the cancellation fee for your ticket and travel price if you cancel the departure of a sudden overseas trip.
  • I don’t want to think about canceling the overseas trip I’m looking forward to, but it’s recommended for those who are worried about their future plans or who want to ease the burden on their minds and wallets in case of trouble such as traffic delays or forgetting their passports. It is a service.
    It depends on the compensation content, but it is recommended because you can apply from an amount of about 1,000 yen.