The most beautiful square in the world

“St. Mark’s Square” is one of the main components of the world heritage “Venice and its Lagoon”. It is a cobblestone space with a medieval atmosphere and is also called “the most beautiful square in the world”, and is a central spot for sightseeing in Venice. Imprint’s Basilica, the transcending ringer tower, and the Around the square, there are various attractions, for instance, the brilliant St.clock tower that etches history. And most of it, including the corridor that surrounds the square, is marble! Also known as a “marble salon”.

St. Mark’s Square, described as “the most beautiful square in the world,” once functioned as the political and economic center of the Republic of Venice and is now a popular tourist attraction of the city.

Venetian symbol “San Marco’s Bell Tower”

“The most beautiful square in the world” The area around St. Mark’s Square is full of attractions. It is a square surrounded by tourist attractions. The most eye-catching is the 96.8-meter-high “Belfry of San Marco,” which can be said to be a symbol of the city of Venice as well as the square. The simple brick-colored form stands out in the sky of Venice and seems to look down on the people of the square in a dignified manner.

Often referred to by the Japanese as simply the “bell tower” or “Venice bell tower,” the tower is said to have been built between 888 and 1514, and in the olden days it also served as a lighthouse. It collapsed in 1902 and is now rebuilt in 1912. Since then, it has been built here as a symbol of Venice while being blown by the wind across the Adriatic Sea.

Gorgeous “Saint Mark’s Basilica”

Along with the “Belfry of San Marco”, the must-see point of the square is the “Saint Mark’s Basilica” located on the east side of the square. The two-story marble structure, whose majestic silhouette is adorned with elaborate and vivid sculptures, deserves to be called a masterpiece of Romanesque Byzantine architecture.

Its history dates back to the 9th century, and this gorgeous temple, dedicated to the evangelist Mark, has made its name in the world as Venice’s most famous cathedral.

“Moorish clock tower” that engraves history

The “Moorish Clock Tower” is situated on the north side of Piazza San Marco. Two Moorish bronze statues on the roof ring the bell at noon, a famous spot for Japanese people.

It is said that the ancient sailors knew the ebb and flow of the tide when they saw this clock tower built in 1499. In 1858, it was certified as an official clock that became the standard for time in the city. The dial in the center of the building is deep blue with lapis lazuli, and the zodiac signs of the constellations are decorated around it, making it a very beautiful work of art.

The clock tower of St. Mark’s Square, which has been restored many times and has a history of 500 years. From the rooftop, the sound of the Moorish bells still echoes in the city today.

Superb view from the bell tower observatory

You can also climb the “San Marco’s Bell Tower”, which stands high above the world’s most beautiful Piazza San Marco.
When you take the elevator to the observatory, the view from there is truly spectacular. You can get a panoramic view of the entire city of Venice, as well as the stunning dome roofs of Piazza San Marco and St. Mark’s Basilica just below.
The waves of the roof unified in orange shining in the sunlight are just overwhelming as if they were studded with jewels. You can see the true value of the beauty of medieval Europe. You can also experience “Venice floating in the sea”, and the melody of the theme song “A Town With An Ocean View” of the Ghibli anime “Kiki’s Delivery Service” will flow in everyone’s hearts.

The beautiful scenery from the Bell Tower Observatory is a must-see if you visit St. Mark’s Square.

Full of other attractions! Let’s go to St. Mark’s Square!

Venice, a World Heritage Site representing Italy. We have introduced the history and highlights to enjoy St. Mark’s Square, a must-see tourist attraction in the city, and its surroundings.

In addition to the points mentioned this time, there are many other attractions such as “Ducare Palace”, which is a symbol of Venetian wealth and power, and “Cafe Florian”, which is said to be the oldest existing coffee shop in the world. You won’t get bored all day long.
If you have a chance to visit Italy, why not visit Piazza San Marco in Venezia? An elegant time surrounded by the scent of the Middle Ages in the most beautiful square in the world will be a memory of your lifelong journey.