1. Koh Samui

Koh Samui is also called “Coconut Island” because it has many palm trees. Originally home to anglers, it is now known as one of Thailand’s resorts. Besides the beach, there are other attractions, such as the Golden Buddha statue. It often rains, so it is recommended to travel from March to October.

Located in Kumpawapee County, Thailand, the so-called Talay Bua Dane is called the “Sea of ​​Red Water Lilies” because pink water lilies bloom in the early morning of December to early February every year and cover the surface of the lake. The beauty of a masterpiece like the Paradise Pure Land is something you want to see at least once. From January to early February, you can enjoy the fantastic scenery while traveling around the lake by boat during the entire bloom period.

  1. Kelimutu

A volcano near Moni, a small town on the island of Flores. It is famous for having a three-colored crater lake.  The green “Lake where the spirits of the elderly person go,” the blue-green “Lake where the spirits of youngsters and ladies go,” and the red “Lake where the of sinners go.” Despite the same volcano, there are three-colored lakes, which attract not only tourists but also scholars.

  1. Rogan

A tourist attraction in Guilin, China. The unique view of the world created by nature and colorful illuminations is a must-see for illumination lovers! Poems that are said to have been written around the 8th century are left in the rock cave.

  1. Sapa Mukanchai

Originally, Sapa was pioneered by the French as a summer resort. It is now a famous highland resort, and you can enjoy nature such as beautiful mountains and rice terraces by trekking. Among the rice terraces around Sapa, the Mukanchai terraces have a reputation for having beautiful fantastic patterns and are designated as a national heritage site.

  1. Antelope Canyon

Upper Antelope Canyon, also known as “Tse big handling” in Navajo, is located on the land of the Navajo tribe in Arizona, USA. It has the meaning of “a place where water flows through rocks.” Lower Antelope Canyon is called “Hasdeztwazi” and means “spiral rock arch.” The famous rays can be seen around noon, and it is recommended from April to September.

  1. Horseshoe Bend

A canyon in Page, a small town in Arizona, USA. The name comes from the shape of the Colorado River, which has been eroded over the years, resembling a horseshoe. The cliffs over 300m high with no fences or ropes are thrilling. It is also famous as a photo spot due to the overwhelming power and beauty created by nature.

  1. Maroon Bells

Lake Maroon and the mountains of Maroon Bells are typical of Colorado Rocky. In the summer, you can see wildflowers in full bloom, which is popular with tourists. The mountains reflected by the lake show different expressions depending on days, such as morning and daytime.

  1. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is perhaps the most famous public park in the United States. It’s mainly Wyoming, but it’s a vast park that spans Montana and Idaho. There are geysers and multiple ecosystems, and you can see various wild animals.

  1. Kauai

Hawaii is a popular destination for overseas travel. Kauai is said to be the oldest island among them. Enjoy the wilderness of Waimea Canyon State Park. Waimea Canyon is also known as the “Pacific Grand Canyon.”

  1. The Canadian Rocky Mountains Natural Park

It consists of four national parks (Banff National Park, Jasper National Park, Coutony National Park, Yoho National Park) and three adjacent state parks (Mount Robson State Park, Hamburg State Park, Mount Assina Boyne State Park) world Heritage. Untouched nature, such as glaciers, canyons, lakes, limestone caves, and coniferous forests, remains in the beautiful 3,000m-class mountains.

  1. Niagara Falls

One of the three major waterfalls globally, it is a general term for three waterfalls: Canada Falls, American Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls. The Canadian Falls, also known as Horseshoe Falls, can be viewed from the observatory “Table Rock” right next to it and from various places such as splashing water from the ship or looking down from above. It is also attractive that the expression changes depending on the season and time, such as the beautiful scenery where the waterfall is lit up by water splashes and the night lights up.】

  1. Yellowknife Aurora

Located in northwestern Canada, Yellowknife is said to have one of the highest aurora encounter rates in the world due to its stable weather and just below the aurora belt, which has a lot of aurora borealis. The spectacular view of the colorfully shining sky is something you want to see at least once.

Uyuni salt lake

Uyuni salt lake, also known as the “mirror of the sky.” A salt field in Bolivia is usually like a snowfield, but one side looks like a vast mirror when flooded. The sunrise and sunset are also spectacular—a spot you want to see with your own eyes.

  1. Marble Caves

Marble Caves is a cave on a bright turquoise lake (General Carrera Lake) that straddles Argentina and Chile. As a result of being eroded over many years, it has become what it is today. The flowing blue marble pattern is a beautiful art created by the natural world.

  1. Mount Roraima

Table Mountain at an altitude of about 2,800m that straddles Venezuela, Guyana, and Brazil. The top of the mountain is flattened, and the appearance of penetrating the sea of ​​clouds is a masterpiece. This scene looks like a warship and is sometimes called a “land warship.”

  1. Tunnel of love

It’s like being connected to a magical forest somewhere! A popular spot is known as the “Tunnel of Love,” the tunnel is located in Klevan, western Ukraine. The track of about 3 km is used, and it seems that trains run three times a day to carry timber, etc., to the factory. You can enjoy colorful sights during the fall foliage season.

  1. Lampedusa

It is an Italian island located in the Strait of Sicily. It is known as a beautiful sea with very few plankton and high transparency. On a sunny day, it was discussed on SNS that the ship seemed to be floating in the air.

  1. Civita di Bagnoregio

Civita di Bagnoregio, also known as the “City of the Sky.” It’s a small town in Italy that you can’t reach without crossing a bridge. It is an old town built over 2500 years ago, and now it is said to be a “dying town” with few inhabitants, but the number of tourists visiting it is endless.

  1. Riffelsee

Lake Yamagami, located at an altitude of 2,757 meters, overlooking the Matterhorn in Zermatt, Switzerland. It is also famous for seeing the “upside-down Matterhorn” that reflects the Matterhorn on the lake’s surface. One of its popularity is its easy access, as it is close to the station on the mountain railway that overlooks the Alps. It is also recommended to enjoy hiking with a magnificent panoramic view.

  1. Vatnajokull Glacier

Located in the southeastern part of the island, it is Iceland’s largest glacier. The scenery of glacier fragments floating on the lake is also stunning, but ice caves have been attracting attention in recent years. The clear blue cave is mysterious, and even in the same cave, you can enjoy a slightly different appearance each time because it depends on the state of the cave, such as light reflection.


  1. Seljalandsfoss

It is a waterfall with a full head of about 65m in the southern part of Iceland. You can enter the backside of the waterfall, and the view of the waterfall flowing down against the background of the sky and the coast seen from the bottom is mysterious. The attractive points are that the waterfall’s flow varies depending on the amount of water, the direction of the wind, the weather and the season, and the surrounding grassland changes depending on the season.

  1. Cliffs of Moher

“Cliffs of Moher” on the west coast of Ireland overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. At high places, the height is about 200 meters, and the scenery of the cliffs is spectacular. If the weather is nice, you can see the Aran Islands and the Connemara region in Galway Bay.】

  1. Plitvice Lakes National Park

It is a park registered as a World Heritage Site. The landscape created by lakes and waterfalls that look emerald green or cobalt blue depending on the angle of light, is fantastic. A spot where you can enjoy the scenery of the four seasons, such as fresh greenery and autumn leaves.

  1. Zakynthos

Zakynthos Island is said to have become the setting for a famous animated film. The view overlooking the turquoise blue sea and white sand beach from the top of the cliff is spectacular. European buildings and the port where ships line up on the clear water are also photogenic spots.

  1. Pamukkale

A natural heritage site in Denizli, southwestern Turkey, which means “cotton castle” in Turkish. The lime shelves with the lime component of the hot springs show a fantastic landscape like pure white snow. The blue water flowing on the white lime shelf is a hot spring that reflects the sky’s blue. Not only can you enjoy the scenery, but there are also places where you can take a hot spring, so why not enjoy a footbath?

  1. Whitehaven beach

A beautiful heavenly beach in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. You can spend a relaxing time on the turquoise sea and the pure white sandy beach. At Hill Inlet at the northern end of White Haven, an inland river runs through white sand, giving you a picturesque view.

  1. Waitomo Caves (Waitomo Glowworm) Cave

In Maori, “wai” means water, and “tomo” means a hole. It is a rare spot where you can see the glowing earth firefly called glowworm, and it is said that it became a model of the flying stone that shows up in the Ghibli film “Palace in the Sky.”Be fascinated by the mysterious world of nature and creatures, such as the tremendous pale light and the stalactites that hang like icicles. 

  1. Lake Tekapo

New Zealand’s leading landscape between Christchurch and Mount Cook on the South Island of New Zealand. The color of the milky blue lake changes depending on how the light hits it. It is also a famous place to appreciate the starry sky, and if you are lucky, you can see the northern lights.

  1. Bora Bora

Bora Bora, French Polynesia, has a beautiful sea. Famous as a honeymoon destination, it is also popular for scuba diving and snorkeling. Get away from the city and enjoy the nature of the ocean on Bora Bora.