Are you planning on where to go for the 2021 tour? Lonely Planet has selected the top ten best tourist countries in 2021, which can be said to be a selection in the selection. Each country is selected based on its current events, unique experiences, and amazing conditions. At the same time, it also attaches great importance to ” “Sustainable travel” can help you choose travel locations that have a positive impact. What are you waiting for? Come and explore these fascinating best tourist countries with Awan!

  • Top 1: Bhutan

Dozens of countries around the world are competing for the real-world term “Shangri-La”, but Bhutan is the most veritable Shangri-La. In order to maintain the national environment, this paradise in a small corner of the Himalayas has formulated a strict tourism policy, emphasizing “high value, low impact” and requiring all inbound tourists to pay high daily travel fees. This is the only country in the world with negative carbon emissions. It is planned to reach 100% of the country’s organic agriculture by 2020. The Bhutanese people’s belief in the environment has sprouted in their hearts since they were young. With the company of the local people, tourists can hike on foot. Only by actually visiting the polluted mountains can you experience the beauty of Bhutan.

  • Top 2: England (United Kingdom)

England’s long coastline was once Britain’s first line of defense against invaders, but now the coast here is serene, making it a good place for local residents and tourists to enjoy a quiet time. Go for a walk on the pier, taste fish and chips, look for marine life among the rocks, look for fossils on ancient cliffs, build sand castles on picturesque beaches, and if you are lucky, you may also see dolphins , These are all activities you can spend time on the coast of England. These activities will become easier in 2020. England will open up some new beaches on the original nearly 3,000 miles of coastline, and visitors will be able to further enjoy the beach, sea and sun.

  • Top 3: North Macedonia

North Macedonia is a small landlocked country located on the Balkan Peninsula. It was originally known as “Macedonia”, but after decades of arguing with neighboring Greece, it finally reached an agreement with Greece in 2018, establishing its new name and reshaping it International image. North Macedonia is originally known for its cuisine, ancient traditions and natural scenery. However, cultural fans and adventurers will have more new reasons to visit North Macedonia in 2020, including a new visit to the World Natural Heritage “Ohrid Lake” “Flying routes and the High Scardus Trail, which stretches 495 kilometers along the local high mountains and ridges, will also be open for use.

  • Top 4: Aruba (Netherlands)

Located in the southern part of Aruba, San Nicolas, known as the “City of Sunrise”, is enjoying a colorful and creative road to revival. International and local artists have newly decorated the street walls with a pop-up style. The carnival experience makes the festival atmosphere lasting. Also worthy of attention and celebration is the country’s ambitions for sustainable development. Aruba has become an international testing center for renewable energy, and strives to implement a total ban on the use of disposable plastics and sunscreens that damage coral reefs in 2020. With the trend of new shared homestay experiences, an authentic, affordable and sustainable Aruba is waiting for you on the pristine beach surrounded by palms.

  • Top 5: Swadini

Swatini, whose English country name has been changed to “Kingdom of Eswatini”, is a petite and pleasant, full of culture, adventure, and legendary wildlife. It is one of the most underrated (and few tourists) travel destinations in southern Africa. The newly unveiled international airport and the improved road facilities between the reserve and the capital are all in order to attract more tourists. Therefore, visiting before 2020 will surely seize the opportunity. The parks and sanctuaries here are full of diverse landscapes, and provide endless and exciting activities, such as ziplining, hiking, whitewater rafting or encounters with fascinating rhinos, plus a peaceful atmosphere everywhere. And the fascinating cultural celebrations will surely make you smile all the way home.

  • Top 6: Costa Rica

Costa Rica supports sustainable tourism. This small country is rich in biodiversity and attracts many tourists who want to come and explore the sleepy sloths on the trees, and the red-eyed tree frogs that numb their natural enemies with bright colors. And the whales in the Pacific Ocean. Costa Ricans understand the importance of protecting this tropical paradise and have found a way for tourists and their neighbors (from leaf-cutting ants to jaguars) to live together in peace. 90% of the country’s energy comes from renewable resources, and it is expected to become one of the first countries to achieve carbon neutrality in 2020. Adventure lovers can experience volcanic hikes or zip lines, while those who desire to have their own time can enjoy yoga and hot springs. Pursuing “pura vida” is not only a slogan, but a real lifestyle. .

  • Top 7: Netherlands

On the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II, the Netherlands is ready to celebrate the whole country. Vibrant Amsterdam is worth visiting at any time. In addition, you can reach many beautiful cities through the perfect railway system and save yourself more euros. April and May are the best months to visit the Netherlands. You can participate in King’s Day, Liberation Day and the Eurovision Song Contest held in the Netherlands in 2020. You can also explore the sights outside the city along the over 35,000 kilometers long and continuously expanding bicycle path, such as the World Natural Heritage “Wadden Sea”, to tap the natural wealth of this small country.

  • Top 8: Liberia

To many outsiders, Liberia is like a mystery, but people familiar with the matter talked endlessly about the optimism of the locals and the natural wonders of the country. Like Port Roberts, there are many low-key resorts here, and you can see the most beautiful waves hitting the sunny beaches in West Africa. There is also Sapo National Park, the second largest primitive rain forest in West Africa. In the dense rainforest, you have the opportunity to encounter chimpanzees, African forest elephants, and the famous Japanese hippopotamus in Liberia. What’s more, Liberia and Norway has reached a groundbreaking development agreement that will stop all deforestation in 2020, so that precious natural treasures can be preserved forever.

  • Top 9: Morocco

Morocco is welcoming its own era, with stylish eco-huts, restaurants serving seasonal cuisine, coastal retreats combining yoga and surfing, surrounded by historical attractions like stars arching over the moon. Thanks to the improvement of infrastructure, road travel has become easier. You can take Africa’s first high-speed rail, which takes only two hours from Casablanca to Tangier, Fez, Essaouira, Meknes, and Této. Ancient cities such as Angola and Malakache are being transformed. In view of their rich cultural heritage, Malakache will be crowned as Africa’s first “cultural capital” in 2020. You can also get away from the hustle and bustle and hide in the Berber mountain villages, the relict of the Atlantic coast and remote desert outposts.

  • Top 10: Uruguay

If Uruguay is not on your South American travel list, 2020 is the best time to add it to the list. Uruguay has the Labrata River and 660 kilometers of Atlantic coastline, a fast-growing wine industry, gurgling hot springs, and rolling pastures, making South America’s magnificence and magnificence within reach. In recent years, Uruguay has been proud of promoting innovative social issues, ranging from the legalization of marijuana, supporting the rights of gay and transgender people, to promoting the sustainable development of tourism. But what impresses tourists most is Uruguay’s laid-back, hospitable and down-to-earth people, as well as the elusive and unforgettable beauty.