The means to enter Sentosa Island from the main island of Singapore are monorail, cable car, walking, bus, and taxi. In addition, you will need to pay the island fee separately to enter the island. This entry fee is S $ 1 (Singapore dollars) on foot, and the fare may include the entry fee if you use other means of transportation, depending on the means of transportation.

The main means of access is the monorail “Sentosa Express”.
If you pay S $ 4 (Singapore dollar) for the entrance fee + boarding fee at Sentosa Station on the 3rd floor of VivoCity, which is directly connected to MRT Harborfront Station, you can reach the waterfront station and Inbia station on the island, and the beach station at the end of the island in one day You can move with unlimited rides.

The cable car fare is slightly higher at 33S,600 yen for a round trip for one adult and 22S,800 yen for one child (3-12 years old), but the spectacular view of Sentosa Island from the sky is worth it. Are enough ants!
It connects the top of Mount Faber Park, a popular hiking trail, via Harborfront Station to Invia Lookout in the heart of Sentosa Island.

A large gathering of entertainment! “Resorts World Sentosa”

Resorts World Sentosa, located in the northwestern part of Sentosa Island, is a major entertainment zone with six hotels, theme parks, casinos and restaurants, and a shopping mall. The closest station to the monorail is the waterfront station, which is the first to arrive on Sentosa Island.

There are plenty of attractions not found in Japan! Universal Studios Singapore

“Universal Studios Singapore (USS)” is also the centerpiece of Resorts World.
A huge globe that is familiar to us at USJ will welcome you.

Seven areas are compactly organized in the park, which is about 30 minutes on foot.
Compared to USJ, the character greetings that appear in various parts of the park have fewer lines, and there are many chances to take a commemorative photo together! It is also perfect for creating memories of family trips.

“Transformers the Ride” of sci-fi city, which has the image of a city of the near future, which is not found in USJ in Japan, runs through the world of movies reproduced with ultra-high quality 3D images with a dedicated ride. You can enjoy a powerful experience.
This Transformer is one of the most popular attractions in USS, so if you want to ride with a short waiting time, it is recommended that you head straight from the opening at 10 o’clock.

There are many other original attractions not found in USJ in Japan, such as “Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure” where you can enjoy an exhilarating water adventure, and “Madagascar Crate Adventure” which departs down the river with the characters from the anime. !!

For attractions with long waiting times, make good use of the “Express Pass” that is familiar to USJ. Express Pass (UE) allows you to board your favorite attractions with priority, which is convenient because you can shorten the waiting time.

An exhilarating water world theme park to experience in Singapore near the equator!

There are more spots you can’t miss at Resorts World!
The marine theme park “Marine Life Park”, which opened in 2012, is one of them.

Inside the world’s largest oceanarium, the Sea Aquarium, an open ocean where manta rays and Napoleon fish swim in a huge aquarium panel certified by the Guinness World Records, and more than 200 sharks fly overhead. The vast ocean world is reproduced in four zones such as the powerful shark sea.

If you’re an activity enthusiast, we recommend Adventure Corp Water Park, which is adjacent to the aquarium!
You can enjoy snorkeling in the longest flowing pool in Southeast Asia with a total length of 620 m, 6 wheat sliders, and a pool where more than 20,000 tropical fish dance.

“Invia Lookout” where the two major observation spots of Sentosa gather

One-stop from the waterfront station, the Inbia Lookout around Inbia Station, located in the heart of the island, has two viewing spots with spectacular views of the island.

The first is the “Sentosa Merlion”, a huge 37m long Merlion statue.
This Merlion, which can be said to be the symbol of Sentosa Island, actually has two observatories, overhead, and mouth.
If you put the coins distributed at the entrance into the mouth of the golden Merlion statue in front of the elevator on the 1st floor, you will receive a gift of original goods.

Another observatory spot is the rotating observatory tower “Tiger Sky Tower” that rises in a disk-shaped cabin.
On a clear day, you can enjoy a spectacular view from a height of 131m above the ground to Bintan Island in Malaysia and Indonesia.

About 15 minutes from the city center! “Beach area” where you can enjoy a resort feel when traveling to Singapore

If you’re traveling to Singapore and want to feel like a resort, head to the three beaches of Tanjong, Palawan, and Shiroso, south of Sentosa Island.
Each beach can be reached by a free beach tram that starts at Beach Station, the end of the Centosa Express.

Tanjong beach where the white sand that shines in the sunlight is dazzling. Eat at Tanjong Beach Club’s restaurant, where you can enjoy exquisite grilled food, or order a drink and you’ll be admitted to the hotel’s pool for free.

If you’re visiting on a family trip, we recommend Palawan Beach, which has plenty of children’s playset and a pool!
The waves are calm and it is a beach where small children can play with peace of mind.
Free showers and changing rooms are also available near the suspension bridge that crosses the “Southernmost Point in Asia”.

And Siloso Beach is the westernmost beach on Sentosa Island, near the “Fort Siloso” where the cannons and coastal fortresses of the Pacific War remain and is known for the beauty of the sunset at sunset.
After a full day of play, why not spend a luxurious dinner at the nearby restaurants and eateries while watching the sunset on the resort beach where the local atmosphere remains.


How was it?
We have introduced Sentosa Island, which is full of charm on a small island, but there are still many things to see, such as a 24-hour casino, a water show, and a fountain musical night show!
Sentosa Island is full of entertainment, not enough to play from morning till night. Please enjoy it as a highlight of your trip to Singapore!