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Carefully selected the finest hotels in Venice! Venice is a world heritage site in Italy and has a long history. Staying in a luxury hotel that fits the mood of the city is perfect for a honeymoon or a commemorative trip that wants a little more luxury than usual. A thorough survey of the history, style, building value, and quality of service from a number of Venetian hotels. Introducing carefully selected hotels.

1. The aristocratic mansion becomes a hotel as it is! “Gritti Palace Luxury Collection Hotel”

The Gritti Palace, A Luxury Collection Hotel, which has a rating of “5 stars + L”, which is one of the finest hotels in Italy, is literally the best hotel in Venice. It is also known that the writer Hemingway had made it a permanent residence. The hotel building is the Gritti family mansion built in 1525! Isn’t the opportunity to stay in a building with a history of 500 years a unique experience in Venice? The history of the hotel has been around since 1948.

Breakfast is the most popular point of this hotel. The terrace along the canal of the dining room is in front of the “Basilica of Santa Maria Della Salute”! Breakfast is “Venice” itself while the gondola is going and you can hear Canzone Napoletana. It will be an unforgettable time.

2. “Tourist” stage “Hotel Danieli, a Luxury Collection Hotel”

The immediate vicinity being compared to “Gritti Palace Luxury Collection Hotel” and well, this hotel “Hotel Danieli A Luxury Collection Hotel ( Hotel Danieli, A Luxury Collection Hotel) “. Known as the location for the Hollywood movie “Tourist,” in which Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie co-starred, the name is one step higher. The building began its history as a hotel in the 19th century when the once glorious Republic of Venice’s Governor Dandolo’s mansion, built in the 14th century, was renovated in the 19th century.

The view from the terrace restaurant “Restaurant Terrazza Danieli”, which is limited to May-October, is the best! Breakfast is served at this time of year, but it’s also great to have dinner while watching the setting sun while illuminating the Basilica of Santa Maria Della Salute in orange. I want to stop by once.

3. Renovation of the oldest mansion in Venice “Balioni Hotel Luna”

The Baglioni Hotel Luna is a mansion built in 1118 that boasts a history of more than 1000 years. Surprisingly, it is a historical stage that was also used as a hideout for the Knights Templar. The oldest hotel in Venice is an irresistible hotel for those who want to feel the glory of the time when the city of Venice was still a republic. The rooms are furnished with Venetian glass chandeliers and antique furniture, cherishing Venetian tradition and history.

“Balioni Hotel Luna” is in the best location! It is 80 meters from St. Mark’s Square. In addition, there is a dedicated pier, and you can spend days sightseeing making the most of the Venetian canal, such as arrival and departure by water taxi and a gondola ride right in front of the hotel. Not only can you feel the history of the Republic of Venice, but the convenience is also attractive, which is great in Venice, which is full of canals.

4. minutes by private boat to St. Mark’s Square! “Belmond Hotel Cipriani”

Belmond Hotel Cipriani is located at the tip of Giudecca Island. As the hotel proudly appeals, “If you compare the city of Venice to a theater, the hotel is a guest seat”, you can really understand the meaning when you check-in. The view of the Doge’s Palace across the canal is exceptional! A great advantage that no other hotel can offer is that it’s only 4 minutes by hotel boat to St. Mark’s Square, even though it’s on Giudecca Island. On request, a round-trip shuttle boat service to Venice Marco Polo Airport and Venice Marco Polo Station can be arranged to remind you of the feeling of being in Venice with the canal from pre-check-in to post-check-out.

The hotel was founded in 1952 and can be said to be a long-established hotel, but in Venice, which has a long history, it is a new one. However, it is the first hotel built on Giudecca Island, and the founder of the hotel is Giuseppe Cipriani, the owner of the world-famous “Harry’s Bar (the legendary bar that Hemingway and Noel Coward attended)”. It is loved by celebrities all over the world and is known as a landmark hotel in Venice. It seems that a premarital bachelor party was also held here at the camp of Hollywood star George Clooney! One of the two buildings is a 15th-century aristocrat, and the garden has been visited by the rare Playboy Casanova. It is a hotel that has always been surrounded by gorgeous topics.

5. “Aman Venice” became a hot topic among hotel enthusiasts around the world when it opened.

Aman loved by resort enthusiasts around the world. When Aman entered Venice in 2013, what kind of position Aman will be in a hotel in Venice, what kind of historic mansion will start operating, etc … It became a big topic. It was. Now it blends into the city of Venice and reigns as a top-notch hotel as ever. “Aman Venice”, a renovation of the palace “Palazzo Papadopoli” along the canal built in the 16th century, has generously arranged precious art in the luxurious space of the heyday of the Republic of Venice and has led Asian resorts. That hospitality spirit is blossoming here in Venice.

Boat in from the canal, get off the boat, and enter the hotel, where you’ll find the aristocratic world of the Republic of Venice. Enjoy the best stay while admiring the frescoes on the walls and the chandeliers, which are indescribably beautiful. By the way, the hotel where George Clooney held a bachelor party was “Belmond Hotel Cipriani”, but the actual wedding party was here at “Aman Venice”. Celebrities around the world are good at using hotels in Venice!

6. New and comfortable guest room renovation! The scenic “The St. Regis Venice”

This hotel is definitely for those who want to see St. Mark’s Basilica while staying at the hotel. It’s one of the most spectacular five-star hotels along the canals of Venice. Also, the location, which is a 5-minute walk from St. Mark’s Square, is popular because you can enjoy “sightseeing” and “elegant mood” at the same time. The hotel name has changed a lot over the last few years, but now it’s settled on Sheraton’s premier brand, The St. Regis.

Inside the renovated mansion, the gap between the common area with a lot of antique furniture from the 18th century and the renovated guest rooms that have been reborn into a modern atmosphere is fun and comfortable. Classical hotels may be unpopular with guests accustomed to the latest luxury hotels but are suitable for those who are not comfortable with such an environment.

During the annual Venice Carnival, you can see a spectacular water parade right in front of the hotel, which will be filled with reservations as soon as the carnival dates are decided. If you want to see the water parade right in front of you at this hotel, make a reservation with plenty of time.

7. If you go in the summer, definitely here! “Hotel Excelsior Venice” with a private beach

When you think of a luxury hotel in Venice, you think of it as a mansion built along a canal, but when you think of a hotel with a private beach, you can hardly imagine it. Facing the Adriatic Sea, Hotel Excelsior Venice has a private beach!

In addition, luxury hotels along the canal around St. Mark’s Square are popular, and the competition between hotels is fierce, and the price is a little high … but the hotel fee is higher than this Lido island and the main island. It’s cheap and you can stay at a reasonable price even in such a wonderful 5-star hotel. This is nice, isn’t it? However, Lido is not inconvenient, and it takes about 10 minutes by hotel boat. The Venice International Film Festival is also held on Lido Island!

The atmosphere of Lido is a beautiful resort in Italy. Most of the resorts are far from the main tourist spots, but it is amazing that the tourist spots are so close and you can spend time in a relaxed atmosphere. Such a place may be a true paradise. Why not enjoy the ultimate luxury of resort life at a reasonable price while enjoying the sightseeing in Venice and dining in the city easily?

8. Island resort in Venice? “San Clemente Palace Kempinski”

On the main island of Venice, five-star hotels are required to have three points: “convenient for sightseeing,” “renovation of old mansions,” and “direct access from the canal.” Many hotel enthusiasts want to spend their time in a hotel full of nature that is reasonably distant from a hotel in a tourist destination … “Venice’s mansion hotel is very nice, but always around Some say, “It’s a little noisy.” There is also a 5-star hotel in Venice that will satisfy such people’s wishes!

It is an island resort where one island is all this hotel. The building was renovated from a former monastery and opened in 2003. Until recently, it was the St. Regis Hotel, but now it has been reborn as a German-owned 5-star hotel, San Clemente Palace Kempinski. And it’s not inconvenient! The hotel’s private boat will take you to St. Mark’s Square in just 10 minutes.

Very few Venetian hotels have spacious pools. Not only for sightseeing but also for resort lovers who have no days to relax in the pool. Such a person should choose “San Clemente Palace Kempinski” without hesitation. However, even if you go in the winter from November to March, it is difficult to relax in the pool, so if you are looking for a pool, please do it during the summer vacation season!

9. 2 minutes walk from St. Mark’s Square! The strongest location “Bauer Palazzo”

Bauer Palazzo is a hotel that is described as “in St. Mark’s Square” rather than a 2-minute walk from St. Mark’s Square. It is located in the center of the throat, which is a key point of sightseeing.

The architecture itself is relatively new in 1950 and among the five-star hotels on the main island of Venice, but the interior of the hotel has a Venetian atmosphere by the owner, who has a wealth of knowledge of European art and antiques. arrange. In addition, there is a novel atmosphere in it, making it a unique hotel like no other.

In addition, the terrace on the top floor overlooks the entire city of Venice, making you realize that staying here is a sightseeing tour of Venice. In particular, the view of the terrace of “De Pisis Restaurant” is wonderful, and you can enjoy gastronomy with the world of the image of “The City of Water” itself.

10. “Hotel Metropole”, which is within walking distance of major tourist destinations

Located along the canal, the convenience of walking around most of the tourist attractions on the main island is wonderful! A 10-minute walk from Piazza San Marco, a 5-minute walk to the San Zaccaria stop with a Vaporetto (water bus) stop, and a 5-minute walk to the Bridge of Sighs, making it an ideal location for those who want to explore the main island of Venezia for a walk. is. The price is a little cheaper because it is a little farther from St. Mark’s Square than other 5-star hotels.

Although the price goes down, the quality of the hotel does not deteriorate, and once you step into the hotel, you will find a good old Venetian space with antique furniture with a profound and Gothic atmosphere. The exterior looks pretty and small, but it’s a hotel that goes inside and takes a breather in the gap.