The American weekly magazine “Reputation Institute” has published “Comprehensively good country ranking”. Introducing the rankings evaluated by more than 58,000 people from various angles based on their evaluations. Is Japan ranked in? (The information posted is as of the time the article was updated. It is recommended to check the details in advance from the official website etc.)


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10th place: Ireland

The 10th place is ” Ireland“. Located in the west of England , this country has abundant and magnificent nature and scenic beauty, as well as a number of old castles, including Gothic and Romanesque styles. Tourists from all over the world come to enjoy the authentic atmosphere of the Irish culture and historic cityscape, which are popular all over the world.

A recommended tourist attraction in Ireland is Trinity College. In addition to the chic and historical architecture, the library here is the highlight. With a collection of about 30 million books, this library is full of books no matter where you look. In this place where knowledge from all over the country is gathered, I feel a little smarter.

9th place: Netherlands

The ninth place is the Netherlands, acountry familiar with windmills and tulips . Aiming for a “tolerant society,” it is also the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage in 2001. In the Netherlands , where drugs and prostitution are conditionally permitted, there may be a strong desire to accept tourists from all over the world.

The “Van Gogh Museum” in Amsterdam is made up of more than 750 works of art donated by Van Gogh’s bereaved family . His paintings, which are also famous in Japan , include many works that everyone has seen, such as “Sunflower” and “Yellow House”, and it is a tourist spot where Van Gogh’s short life is condensed. There is also an audio guide for Japanese.

8th place: Australia

The eighth place is ” Australia “, which coexists with animals with its own ecosystem and magnificent nature . The active national character with a large sports population and one of the best livability in the world are popular. The official language is English, and the city is safe, so it may be popular all over the world.

Australia has been revered as a sacred place of indigenous people, “Ayers Rock (Uluru)”. It is one of the largest monoliths in the world with a height of 348m. Even though it is so huge, the part that is exposed on the surface of the earth is about 5% of the total. Climbing is now permanently banned, at the behest of the natives. Feel the awe and power.

7th place: Denmark

The seventh place is ” Denmark “, a Nordic country known as a highly welfare state . Northern Europe, including Denmark , accounted for four of the top ten countries . Even though it is a small country with a population of about 5.6 million, it can be said that its highly transparent and stable politics has created a wealth that is highly regarded in the international community.

The “The Little Mermaid Statue” is said to be one of the three most disappointing sights in the world, but it is also a place you should visit to remember your trip. A bronze statue installed in 1913 with the motif of Andersen’s fairy tale “The Little Mermaid” in Copenhagen , Denmark . It’s been 100 years old, so it’s broken many times, but it has been repaired and still exists.

6th place: Canada

The sixth place is ” Canada ” where rich nature and developed cities coexist . In 1971, we introduced a multicultural policy that respects the culture of each and every person living in Canada . Such Canada is, work, life, in the willingness of learning is superior to most of the country, the system has been highly evaluated.

Auroras can be observed in the area called Aurora Belt, but it is said that the most beautiful aurora in the world can be seen in Canada‘s “Yellowknife”. It seems that you can see it only for a short period from late August to September, but if you stay for 3 days, you can see the aurora with a 95% probability.

5th place: New Zealand

The fifth place is ” New Zealand“, an island country that represents Oceania . The small popularity of the Southern Hemisphere is endless with tourists from Japan due to its security and English-speaking world . In this country, where there are more sheep than the population, refreshing and slow space and time are flowing. I’m curious that both North Island and South Island have their own characteristics.

A recommended tourist attraction in New Zealand is Lake Tekapo on the South Island. This glacier-carved lake has the highest sunny weather rate in the country, so thousands of stars fall overhead at night. In addition to the rare stars such as the Southern Cross and the Magellan Galaxy, the stone church standing on the shore of the lake makes me feel sad.

4th place: Finland

The fourth place is the stage of “Moomin”, and ” Finland ” where colorful miscellaneous goods are popular with Japanese people . This place where a piece of beauty shines in the nature and history that has been quietly alive, despite the midnight sun and the endless cold. Helsinki , the capital, retains a beautiful cityscape centered on neoclassical architecture designed in the mid-19th century.

Finland ‘s recommended tourist attraction is Helsinki Cathedral, which is also a landmark of the city. The beautiful white giant cathedral is a place that symbolizes Finland , which is quiet yet full of abundance, with its spacious stairs rising as a place of relaxation for the citizens . It ‘s a perfect place to start sightseeing in Helsinki .

3rd place: Norway

Third place is ” Norway ” at the western end of Northern Europe . This place where you can see the spectacular scenery peculiar to the frigid region, including the fjords and aurora borealis created by glaciers. Along with Switzerland , it is one of the most expensive countries in the world, but its ease of living and its unique culture and history, including the Vikings, hide its great charm.

Norway ‘s recommended tourist attraction is Bryggen, which is known as the country’s largest port city. Colorful houses with triangular roofs are popular in the area, which retains the traditional wooden architecture of medieval Norway. It’s a harsh winter, but the scenery with a little snow is like the world of a picture book, and it’s pretty.

Second place: Switzerland

The second place is ” Switzerland ” , a permanent neutral country with beautiful mountains and vast nature . In addition to the old castle, which is full of European style, the great nature including the famous peaks such as the Matterhorn and the Alps is attractive. Despite its high standard of living and relatively high prices, it attracts many tourists every year.

The recommended tourist attraction in Switzerland is the old town of Bern, the capital. The capital of Switzerland is often thought of as Zurich or Geneva, but Bern was chosen to avoid a concentration of power and financial power. The city, which has been selected as a World Heritage Site, is impressed by the beauty of the calm scenery that has been preserved since ancient times, such as the clock tower built in the 16th century and the pure river Aare.

1st place: Sweden

The prestigious first place is ” Sweden “, which has won the respect of the international community with its welfare-focused policy . Most of the taxes are spent on public services, and medical and university education is free. Sweden is a regular country that has been highly evaluated by many people and has been ranked in many times. It is also known as a country with a high degree of national happiness.

The recommended sightseeing spot in Sweden is the Stockholm Public Library, which has a space surrounded by 360-degree books in the center of a cylindrical building. It is a tourist spot that is said to have laid the foundation for modern Scandinavian architecture because of its architectural beauty. Anyone can enter, so it is a recommended place to visit even if you are not a fan of Scandinavian architecture.